Merry Christmas!!!!

We had such a great day yesterday! We were a little worried about Christopher being able to leave Chicago due to the weather, although for the first time since he has lived away from home I would have been happy to know that if he had to be snowed in anywhere, he would be safe, happy and having a blast with the wonderful Sturgis family. There are no words to describe how it feels, though to see him walking towards  me at the airport every time he comes home. This time he had a little package with him with a little face peering out at me…….I could not believe how adorable it was!!!! A little owl!!! To make it even more special the little feathered friend had a Rockin’ P ornament around his neck. He is a gift from Annie and her parents, Debby and Bruce. How sweet!!!!! I fell in love with owls about four years ago when we had a benefit for Last Chance Forever a Rapter Rescue. Here he is already a part of the family. He watched the SMU/Nevada game last night. IThe dogs are a little jealous. It’s fun to have a nocturnal buddy, since I am not usually a night owl. He brought good luck to the Mustangs! They won 45 to 10 !!!!!!

We are headed to Grandmother’s house, but our little owl is home sleeping and waiting for us to come home…….


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