Here’s Your Sign….

Tom and I visited Grand Moye today. Everytime we see her there is a new giant post it note attached to either the bed, TV, dresser or whatever place that is visible to her from her bed. She is supposed to ring for help when she needs to get up. She forgets that her pelvis is fractured in many places and to add to the dilemma, she has complications that have led to her being confined to bed on and off since before Christmas. She never tires of seeing the same photos and videos of our children, which is refreshing. We left with a million things to do during Tom’s time off. Freezing on our way to the ole Montero I anticipated the whir of the motor and the warmth of the heater……but unfortunately, we had left SOOOO early that our lights were on and unfortunately the battery was DOA

Even the tincredibles could not help us……we froze while waiting for a jump, so we vowed to glue a sign to the dashboard…..TURN OUT THE F*&@ING LIGHTS!!!!!!!


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