“If It’s glass, It’s gonna get broken”

Salvation Army Treasure

About 15 years ago, a little lady named Dinah gave me a small type written piece of paper that was laminated. She said, “My mother always told me, if it’s glass, it’s gonna get broken”. I know she was referring to all material things. No importa nada….Around here it’s liable to get chewed up, trampled on and who knows what. I still cherish my little things because of the memories that they hold and because someone that I love gave them to me. Christopher and I were both looking for treasures at the Salvation Army store in Chicago and he found this coffee mug that he knew I would love. I think it was around 35 cents. We wrapped it up carefully and I carried it with me safely home. I never put it in the dishwasher and never take it outside when I’m feeding the horses. Other little bowls and mugs are all around the house, some of them were made by Peyton and Christopher when they were in pre school. I keep them as safe as I can. I know that my Mom feels the same way about the treasures that I have given her through the years, but, deep in her heart she knows……..I can just go out and steal another one.



    • Random ashtrays are hard to find, but I know you don’t want a store bought one…..

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