Supersize Me

Sunday morning Tom fixed pancakes and scrambled eggs for our great nieces Anna and Avery. They were both stuffed and Anna said.”I won’t be able to eat lunch.”After a few hours of playing in the barn and riding the ponies, she changed her mind. The temperature was around 32 all day and were all running around working up an appetite.We had a few hours of taxi driving for Peyton’s friends before we had an opportunity to go on a fast food frenzy. As we drove from one end of San Antonio to the other,dropping off kids one by one, we passed Dairy Queen, Jack in the Box, Wendy’s,Whataburger, Church’s Fried Chicken, Fred’s Fish Fry, 6 McDonald’s and a million taco stands, including a new one named Sir Vesa’s….. Anna wanted bean and cheese burritos and Avery wanted a cheeseburger with tater tots. They both wanted slushies. Just hold your drink out the window, I told them. Violå!!!! Instant slush! Sonic was our first stop for  their slushies and Avery’s cheeseburger & tots. Next stop was Taco Cabaña. We cracked up laughing because they gave us two spoons with the burritos. They are great for launching re-fried beans if you want to have a food fight, I told them. “Great” Anna said. She couldn’t wait to try this with her little brother Max. I dropped them off pretty quick after that. LaLaLa  LaBomba! Sorry,  Mama Ashley!


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