Want to hear something REALLY Scary?

Our niece Ashley has her house in San Antonio on the market and is busy with the packing and cleaning that goes along with that.She has three children and is trying to keep everything perfect for potential buyers.We thought it would be fun for her daughters Anna (10) and Avery (8) to spend Saturday night with us. We groomed the ponies and rode them down to the tank while Tom grilled shish -ke -bobs. After dinner we roasted smores. It was pitch black except for the glow of the fire and our spotlight. Tom had some ghost stories that he had ready to entertain us with. We had talked about it earlier. They were deemed suitable for 5 to 8 year olds. One of the stories was about a little girl who is camping out by a lake and gets snatched by the “Rain Thing”. I asked Peyton what he thought. “They will wet their pants!” He said. I asked their Mom if she thought it was a good idea…..She didn’t think she wanted to drive 40 miles in the middle of the night to come pick them up. The next morning I asked Anna and Avery if they would have been freaked out listening to ghost stories last night. No way! They both said. Being that it was the light of day, we put on the CD and gave it a try. They loved it. They listened while they worked on paintings in the studio. After about 5 replays, Avery told us a great rendition of Little Red Riding Hood with sound effects and I was enthralled. It was better than any of the recorded twangy voiced stories. That girl has talent. Thanks Uncle Tom for getting the inspiring CD …..great idea! We are ready to step up to the Texas Horror tales, like Fang Baby and Children of the Tracks!



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