No Pets…….No Smoking……..

“I think you should buy a different kind of cat food because there is always vomit whenever I go upstairs” Peyton advised as we were in the pet food isle of the grocery store yesterday. I have been  meaning to warn him about that. It is especially yucky at night when you get in bed. I asked him what kind of dog he would like to own when he had his own place. “Well if I had to have a dog, it would be one that is the least amount of trouble.” he answered.He has video games where there are horses involved, but he has not been on a real live horse since he was about six. He always asks me if I need any help with the outside pets and is very sweet to all of the animals. He can sleep through a screeching parrot, a crowing rooster, horses whinnying and ear piercing barks from a Pomeranian. If he has a loud college room mate, it should be no problem. He will always have a home free of pet fur and and a life free of vet bills. My Mom always says that her three children don’t smoke because she always has and we should thank her……Thanks Mom and you are welcome, Peyton!


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