Deep in The Heart of Texas

Sunday night at the ranch

Yee  haw!!! When Christopher went off in search of the perfect brisket burrito, we knew it was right here in Fairview, Texas the whole time. I tried to understand how he could leave the Rockin’ P sunsets and the amenities that go along with it. Tom knew this all along and I love him for his patience,  among many other gifts. I am now happy and content to acknowledge the fact that it only took ten years to allow my hopes to outweigh my fears.  Was I really wishing for my children to be like my pets in the pasture chomping on oats and hay, day after day, stopping every so often to give me my daily dose of ecstasy with their smiles? Would I always be thinking that under my vigilant, adoring gaze they would be forever free from harm? Thankfully, they are able to inspire me to see the world through their eyes. The love and pride that I feel for them will allow my creativity to ripen in it’s own time, as I careen over the bumps in the road to enlightenment. Henri Matisse said that “creativity takes courage” Matisse also said “He who loves, flies, runs, and rejoices; he is free and nothing holds him back” Thank you, Christopher for being who you are and bringing Annie’s grace and beauty into our lives. Thank-you Peyton for being the catalyst needed for us to appreciate the magic of the future.



  1. “To create, you must close your eyes and sing.” — Pablo Picasso

    You have been singing to me since the day we met…Leicaman

    • If I could write a love song, it would be about you!!!!

  2. Your greatest creations are the two precious boys that you have inspired to be the wonderful,smart,loving and considerate young men they have grown up to be…

    • WOW!!!! Yes I wish I had met him. We chatted in cyberspace heaven today….thanks to Annie Fox!

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