Inspiration, ETC

“Are you inspired, now?” I was not, unfortunately. Tom and I had just left our third art gallery Saturday morning and he thought surely with all the fine art that we had seen, I must be inspired.”Do you want to go to another gallery?” He sweetly inquired. We both agreed that the first one was the best by far, but I told him that I had learned a little bit even from the not so great paintings. Some had excellent techniques, but lame subject matter and others were cutesy themes lacking skill. “I know what I would like to do” Tom said “But I don’t think you would want to.”His idea was to go home….load up my sketch book, paints, pencils or whatever, look for a good spot and do some plein air painting. Great idea!!!!! We found the perfect spot just a few miles from home.

I had a little set of watercolor paints that I had never used.  Tom packed an ice chest. We had everything…….beer,wine, corkscrew,glass,chair,quilt…….I sat down finally inspired for the first time in months and realized I had forgotten my paintbrushes! Tom thought that was pretty funny. It was. He jumped in the truck to go home to get them and in the meantime I started painting with some petals and twigs. The wind started blowing and really added to the impressionism of the field of wild flowers. I really appreciated the ETC wine, my brushes, and especially the brilliant idea that Tom had to end the perfect day!

It is so much fun to capture the flowers that will not be here tomorrow. The Bluebonnets and Indian Paintbrush are already wilting. When I finish this painting, I can always remember this Spring of 2010!



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