A Mother’s Day Poem

This was given to me today, May 9, 2010, by my almost 18 year old son.

The Lily Pad: a stepping stone: a brief respite from treacherous waters.

The Closed Bud: beautiful but not yet fulfilled: a hint of what’s yet to come.

The Carnation: incredible beauty that is not kept but instead given: the will to share.

To me you are a lily pad, always there to comfort me, a piece of love amongst the world.

I am your bud, you nurture me and care for me so that I may bloom.

To all you are the carnation; sharing your motherly love.

Happy Mother’s Day





  1. He is amazing! It is hard to believe that he is off to University of Ohio in three months…you have done a remarkable job with BOTH your boys…

  2. I would like to have a copy of that poem so I could read it & enjoy it day after day!!!

  3. I miss Peyton, but we are in Austin with Christopher and Annie. In just a few weeks Peyton will be home for the summer!!!!!!!

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