Build the Ark!

Yesterday, I had just sat down after taking the dogs for a walk and they started barking their heads off. This sometimes means nothing, but in this case someone was at the back door. Peyton jumped up and looked at me like I was expecting someone. I wasn’t. Our neighbor Linda hurried through the door in freak out mode. “What are we going to do? How can we get out of here? Have you seen the road?” Yeah,there were some pretty major pot holes, not unusual after six inches of torrential downpour, the previous night, but…..”Look!!!!” She pointed out towards the front pasture. I could see water that had not been there 30 minutes before. We jumped in the truck and soon realized the worst had happened.Water was gushing from the huge tank on the property next door. Erosion had caused the dam to dissolve, just like Tom had forewarned. By the time Tom came home, the water had subsided, but what’s left of our road is not passable. He parked on the other side and cautiously walked across. Peyton’s only concern is “Can Hannah still come over?” He is busy designing a helicopter out of lego and I am inflating the rubber raft……



    • No hay problema…..unless we get another six inches of rain… we have a very sick horse!!!!!

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