There Once Was a Little Blond Girl

She looked like an angel. The day she was born her Daddy called everyone over to the nursery window to see his lovely daughter. I told her Mom several times, “You should have taken her to Hollywood” When I met her she already had a beautiful husband and beautiful little blond children of her own. She would walk around with them and people would stop and stare and tell her “You should take them to Hollywood” They could have joined all the little cookie cutter blonds, brunettes and red heads, but those faces all look alike and they all fight for the limelight that fades as soon as the fame is ignited. She could have launched them into a hot air balloon or a raft for the high seas, risking their safety for the sake of fortune. People would have tuned in just to see authentic beauty and character for a change. There would be no canned laughter. Is it possible to can tears or do they just burst and overflow to flood the planet? The reality is that the little blond girl with the knockout smile and bright blue eyes, chose to take the hardest path. One that has no TV cameras or directors ready to put in a stunt double when reality becomes too real. Now she is a lovely grandmother whose glowing radiance is seen through the little eyes of her grandchildren who light up the room. Being a mother places us in the most vulnerable situation on earth. The risk of heartbreak is never far away. Whether they are sleeping in a bed next to us or miles away. The angels are watching over us all the time, but just in case they need your help, would you please say a prayer for the little blond haired girl…… would mean the world to me.



  1. I know how true your words are…that little blonde girl continues to get my daily prayers…you are so very special Leicalady!

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