When Bugs were Ugly

In 1996 when we moved here to Fairview, I could easily squash a bug, any bug. I could watch our Golden Retriever toss gophers into the air until they didn’t want to play anymore. Then our Sheltie would eat them, crunch, crunch. I could not bear that now, I would have to rescue this snack from the jaws of death. Still, some creatures are ugly and if they touch me they might die of fright when they hear me scream. Most bugs are safe as long as they don’t surprise me and try to bite or sting. A scorpion is an exception, they have the attitude of a prize boxer looking for a fight and it’s lights out buddy.

he died of natural causes

No one likes to be surprised by something crawling on their arm, that’s never a safe choice for even the cutest bug and the gentlest soul. When Martha and I are running at the park there is always something falling from the pecan trees that we brush off without a backward glance. The other day though, she slapped something and when she realized that it was a Ladybug she was on the ground on all fours apologizing “Oh, mariquita chiquita lo siento mucho, estas bien?” Which I think means, shit I’m sorry…..

My friend Vicki’s daughter has a pet tarantula. I think that is cool, but I cringe at the sight of them. Too furry or something. Like they want you to think they are cute. They’re not. Not to me. I would never hurt one though. I would try to find it something to eat and then find him a safe home far far away……We have lots of spiders living outside where they belong.  We talk to them and tell them how beautiful their webs are. They have cute little babies…about 1400 of them at a time. We used to feed them by throwing grasshoppers into their webs. Not anymore. No more crunch crunch for me.



    • Crickets are supposed to be good luck. I’m not sure if our Spiders like them. I’ll let you know and if so, I can bring you some….spiders

  1. No thanks! I was going to give you hundreds of crickets!!!! I have millions of spiders!!!

    • Some birds eat crickets, so if you stop feeding the birds they will have to eat them. You might have to add some cayenne pepper maybe a little butter and cheese.

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