Bed Bugs and Beyond

My Grandmother used to say “Sleep tight, don’t let the bed bugs bite” Then she would sprinkle holy water on me. Why are we hearing so much about bed bugs these days? Is it because Bed Bath and Beyond wants to sell us expensive mattress pads and pillow covers? I took a chance and bought the least expensive mattress cover for Peyton to use in the college dorm where: “Bed bugs are rampant” according to the blip on the label of the $200.00 bedbugbarrier pad. The back of the package had photos of the horrifying beasts magnified 1000 times to show the blood sucking fangs! Can you just say SHOO, SHOO and the bugs will run away? Will holy water blessed by the Pope do the trick? Speaking of shoe, I have had some critters take up residence in my shoes lately. I’m used to brown gloppy substances sticking to the bottom of my shoe, but a few weeks ago I put my foot into my shoe and felt something squishy. I surprised a little fat toad sleeping there. We have a family of tiny Geckos that occasional scurry across the floor, so I wasn’t too surprised to find a little one, again in my shoe. I think I better stick to open toes for awhile, until Dr. Scholl comes up with a special toadinator insert……..

Published by Dana Spring Parish

wife, mother, runner, artist, animal lover,photographer, art teacher

4 thoughts on “Bed Bugs and Beyond

  1. A mattress protector specifically for bed bugs is the best way to protect your mattress (in addition to the geckos). The idea of sleeping with these nasty buggers in your mattress makes me squirm. The Cotton Bed Bug Blocker Mattress Protector from is highly rated and has great reviews. I hope this tip helps!

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