I Feel Good About This

Remind me in a month. I have yet to have a major meltdown. My son is so focused on this whole university experience. Who could NOT feel good about it?


I Am Orientated and Caffeinated

Orientation here at OH is perfect for parents who are forgetful. Every parent session goes over details until I feel like they are emblazoned on my brain. At first I thought that people don’t use cell phones as much here as in Texas, but it’s just because they text more than talk and walk. Oh well. I am tired and that’s all I have to say. It’s only 8:30……it will be a loooooong day before we get to Chicago.

Snap Crackle Pop

Rice Crispies! I used to think it was magic when cereal could make that noise. Like holding a seashell to your ear and hearing the ocean roar. The first time I saw a real magician I was about seven. My friend George had a birthday party down the street from me. Merlin the magician was not only impressive but nice. After the party, I talked him into walking down the street to meet my Mom. If my kid or any kid did that nowadays, they might have ended up as as inspiration for a script for Without a Trace or Criminal Minds. Anyway, I still believe in magic. So back to the snap, crackle pop. I never thought that I would enjoy hearing that noise when it came to my neck, back, hip or knees, but after experiencing the worst pain in my back that lasted two weeks, I reluctantly succumbed to encouragement from my brother Tracy and support from Tom (I call them TnT they are dynamite) I made an appointment with a Doctor recommended by Tracy, who performed some painless hocus pocus and after a few abracadabras, I am able to run pain free for the first time in about 5 years. Call it voodoo. I call it a blessing of love from my family. Aleve, Doans and support from Moye, Meds from Tina and Dena, a gentle push and shove from Tracy (sounds like an ad for EX-Lax) awesome massages from Tom every night……..and years ago, my brother BV found me another doctor who probably saved my life. Thank you to my favorite people.