Andele Mas Pronto!!!!!

Aunt Moye posed a prolific question to Peyton about his new adventure college bound “What is it that you are most looking forward to?” He did not hesitate an instant. “HIGH SPEED INTERNET” He smiled. Forget classes, etc. He was not kidding. He was happy as a clam in the Columbus airport sitting comfortably plugged  into an electrical outlet for four hours.  I had to coax him to get up and disengage just in the nick of time so that we did not miss the bus ride into Athens at 5pm. (His Dad would have had a heart attack, and I would not blame him). Peyton did not care that we had to navigate down an escalator with four suitcases…(I’m kidding, we took the elevator) BUT we were lucky to have made it to the location of our shuttle. One poor girl missed the ride and the driver said TOO bad.  She was probably playing a computer game and did not have her Mom or Dad to unplug her vital signs! Well, at least my country boy wanna be city boy learned hisself a gosh darn good lesson this eevnin’ We done checked into this high falootin motel and who woulda thank  that the INtranet would be slower than molasses? Hell yeah!



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    • Yeah, my blog has been a lot of fun the last two years! I love comments even though yours in SPAM. Makes me not want to use your product. Too sleazy.

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