A little Blood Sweat and Tears

My trip to Ohio to get Peyton moved into the dorm was a great experience. In my unbiased opinion, he is one of the six most incredible men in the whole world. (This includes Daddy Bub, Tom, Christopher and my two brothers, Tracy and BV) I had done a lot of research before we set out on foot our first day, but for me….looking at a map on the internet does not compute easily to my pea sized brain. Every destination was either closer (like in your line of vision) or far far away…..and it was HOT! “I am sweating and I NEVER sweat!” Peyton said on about the third mile en route to the OUCU (Ohio University Credit Union)  Once the mirage finally appeared, I collapsed into a chair to await our appointment to open a debit account after first taking advantage of the gratis icy cold water, sodas and cookies. From there our goal was to trek to  the best bike shop in Athens, called Athens Bike Shop to spend the majority of our deposit on a beautiful bicycle equipped with lights, clock,WIFI and Skype so that I can track his every mile…….(just kidding) The following miles flew by as he took like a fish to water, riding his new bike. Athens has a 19 mile bicycle path called the Hockhocking Adena Bike Path that will enable him to fly around the campus. The helmet was my most cherished investment and the most important component as he makes tracks that Ohio has never seen. Vaya con Dios, mi Hijo precioso…….



    • Everyone was so helpful at the E. State location!
      John was very patient, a pleasure to do business with!

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