First Ride in a Police Car

The best thing about it was that it was free. I was walking from the hotel to meet the airport shuttle at the Baker Center on the Ohio University campus early Saturday morning. It was dark. Luckily I had made the trip from the bike path at the hotel so many times that I could find it blind folded. I noticed that someone had switched the signs and arrows that directed students to the different dorms, but some policemen were there to reverse them. They asked me if I was walking all the way from Columbus. I told them I came from Texas, but I had to leave my horse at a hitching post at the airport. I had another 1/2 mile to go, so I was glad to accept a ride with the officer’s the rest of the way. The total distance is less than 2 miles. The cab company that took Peyton and I the same mileage charged us $25.00. The luggage was the reason for the extra charge. It was $11.00 plus tax without bags. We used a different taxi company when we moved into the dorm on Friday. While the driver haggled over the fees with his boss on the cell phone, we loaded our own four pieces of luggage. This should have given us a break. But sadly, no. This trip was $33.00, not including a tip. It’s not like  we had a choice….So, that is why I decided to save the fee whatever it may be and take a walk with just my one suitcase and laptop. The police officer said that the campus was pretty safe, but you still need to be cautious. “Take care of that horse” he laughed…..Take care of my boy, I whispered.



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