Take a Little Trip

Packing for  life in a dorm is always challenging, I am sure. It was different in so many ways this time with Peyton. We drove with Christopher to SMU in Dallas and he had his own car by then. He could get whatever he needed without a problem. Tom and I packed extra food, even though there is an unlimited array of restaurants on campus at Ohio University. We left early….around 4 in the morning September 1st…it was dark. We made a last minute check of the suitcases before we zipped them up. Good thing we did….

no outfit is complete without dog hair.

The Spookster was trying to stow away with Peyton. She has been sleeping in his bed with him for a few weeks now. My luggage got lost on the way home. I was kind of wishing that I could have stayed just a day or two more and missed the transfer also.

good- bye, Columbus

No worries. The wings are cleared for take off…….



  1. Well, as usual, you gave me a wonderful morning laugh!! Darling blog!

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