Humans vs Zombies

Chances are, since you are reading this post, you have seen either one or both of these bizarre creatures. Sometimes when I am running at the park,or the neighborhood in town, the Zombies that are destined to live that way forever pass me by with their concrete faces. “Don’t smile” I want to say. “You might break your face.”

I run a little faster because I don’t want to be infected. EEEW! I say “Good morning” But they don’t respond.  Then there are the humans who know all about you and your family and they have a smile that lights up the sky. I know all about them, too. I wonder how they can still be smiling and how they are able to survive the attack of the Zombies. What is it about their character that makes them resistant to the attacks? Several times a week,  I pass a human who is sitting on the ground, working in her garden with her wheel chair beside her. She has one leg missing that the Zombies took, or at least that is my guess. She was able to survive the worst of their attempts. (They eat brains, you know) She gives that life is good smile, once again and I count my blessings. My son Peyton is a zombie right now, but it is just a week long college campus game played with nerf guns. The humans and zombies are identified by their bandanas. Humans vs Zombies was invented in 2005 by Brad and Chris . Just hearing about it has inspired me to buy two nerf guns and a stack of bandanas. One gun for me and one for Grand Moye. We will change the rules a little. With her smile and my aim, we will attempt to turn some of the zombies in her neighborhood into humans! Happy National Zombie Day!!!!!!



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