I Know Owl About You

Flying Tiger

I can’t say how good it feels to complete a painting, even if it is just a sketch. I haven’t done anything art wise since before Peyton graduated from high school last June. Now I have several ideas for paintings. I am looking forward to next week’s event in Wilson County…….This will be my first year to participate. I have several of my paintings reproduced as cards and Giclee reproductions. Their are 17 venders involved in this year’s Once A Year holiday market. I will probably be tempted to spend more than my profits on all the beautiful things that will be for sale. That’s OK ! Click here to find out owl about my paintings!!!!



  1. I don’t know ANYTHING about you!!!!! (& don’t want to)

    • Don’t wanna know about Hoo Hoo Hoo? You saying that you don’t give a hoot?

  2. Stopping by to say HELLO! – and let you know that I
    wonder often how you are!
    I’m sure you’ve been as busy as I — so NOW
    I’m going to send you Happy Holiday Greetings!


    • I think about you all the time, too! I love your blog. Beautiful and the jokes are priceless!
      Happy Holidays to you too!

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