Wine & Art (but mostly wine)

See the itty bitty paintings on the table? No? Well me neither. See the BIG BOLD paintings on the easels! At the sixth annual Wine & Art Festival last week (January 15, 2011) I donated five paintings. Tiny by comparison….and I did not have chance to have them blessed by the Pope! I wonder if this can be done by e-mail or text message. A personal visit would add greatly to the expense, plus I would have to go to confession. I can hear it now. “Yes my dear. Now when was your last confession?” I would stammer and say that it was before my last dentist appointment….but, but…..I prayed my heart out on the plane ride to Rome! “Try to paint something more spiritual” he might advise.

holywatercolor on Arches paper

So what do I paint this week, but more animals! I can see a painting of a Saint in my future. Saint Anthony. Not because the act of reproducing a godly vision is a goodly thing to do.It is because this person was known to love the animals that he is always depicted with.

Señor Tomas with Buzzy

I know just the model for the role.

mini kisses

Saint Tomas !!!!



  1. Who needs the Pope when I have you! And besides, I am so very blessed to wake up and see your beautiful face every morning.( Even if the next thing I see is Spooky!)

    Your paintings need no blessing…whoever has one should count their blessings!

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