Longhorn Cattle Drive

git along little doggies

The Longhorn Cattle drive is a kick off to the San Antonio Stock Show and Rodeo. You can google it if you would like to know the history behind the event. This was our first time to venture downtown and witness the glory of it all, so all I can say is that these beauties were very co-operative and I could not predict that our own animals would have been so docile…maybe it has something to do with brains. We have ended up with a smart and beautiful herd of livestock, but I could just see Cactus Jack our Longhorn athlete leaping over the fence to steal cotton candy from an unsuspecting toddler….

Texas twist

Every horse and mule behaved so perfectly.

don't try this at home, folks

When they played The Eyes of Texas.…it was just a beautiful moment.

God bless America

We have a gallery of 200 photos  of this fun and historical event.


The Palomino patrol is always a beautiful group and I must say that all the training that these horses and their loving owners share is so obvious!

he is more than a horse, he is a friend

This fresian did an amazing job with all the noise and excitement!

Black Beauty

That mane and tail would not look so gorgeous in our pasture full of stickers and sand…I will just admire him from afar!

Leicaman and I have so many great photos of this wonderful event. Chances are that we caught you on tape or film or digital device…..send us a comment if you would like to see more.

Let’s Rodeo San Antonio!!!!!



    • The horses were so good….the Longhorns, too.
      tu hija….logged in as leicaman…

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