Nunca Voy a Olvidar

comiendo queso antes de la boda

Yesterday was one of those days that you will not forget. I say you, but what I mean is I will never forget. I forget the smallest things…like, um, whatever…..BUT being at the beach for just a blink of an eye was magical. With so many little darling four footed friends at home, a longer trip would have been a bigger production. Tom asked me what the best part of the day was…..watching Sky cavort in the waves that were surprisingly warm for the first week in April….that’s a big one. I have to say that one major, big beautiful surprise was driving by the mail box on the way home and seeing a package from a wonderful girl in Illinois. This will be something that I will always cherish. My XOXO e-mail signature was derived from a family that could have invented the X’s and O’s. If the dictionary ever adds these letters of recognition to the LOL and OMG….they will have to add a notation that Debby started it all and I will never have to look up the definition.  Are you trying to guess what was in the box? Debby had informed me that she was going to send me a gift and I knew the contents, but I did not imagine such a huge array of colors that are rich and smooth as silk. Oil pastels I discovered are amazing. Debby has several masterpieces that have inspired me, but just for fun, today, I found a vintage 1978 photograph as a reference to test out the pastels using a Matisse inspired palette. Oh, what a fun week-end!!!!!


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