Tonight’s gonna be a Goodnight

That’s because this afternoon was such a good one. I have been reading and pouring over a great book about Marc Chagall A poet with the wings of a painter. He lived to be 97 !!!!! Most of his paintings have goats depicted in them due to his religious background…….

I have a new goatian angel and I feel her little bossy self following me around wherever I go and I love it. For the first time in fourteen years of living in the country…a scorpion walked across my barefoot toes and skittered off without stinging me…..una milagro! I will sleep peacefully knowing that such a wise, godly goat creature is looking after us!



  1. We must have plenty of goatian angels looking after us…I am quite sure that Bridgy is the leader of the pack! I LOVE the painting…

  2. And, I’m having a GREAT day—–back on the internet!!! 🙂

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