Every new year of living in the country has brought new appreciation for all the natural beauty that surrounds us. You would think that after 15 years of living in the same place that we would have seen every species of birds, plants and trees that we are ever going to see, but for whatever reason….global warming or maybe I just forgot that I already saw a particular bird or tree….. Sometimes it is fun to make up new ones.

Here are my Rockin’ P Ranch  Arboles Rojos



  1. I NEVER have to make up the fact on how beautiful you and your paintings are…

  2. You are so good Dana!! This is a beautiful painting – keep making up new ones!

    • Thank you, Moye. This painting makes me very happy to look at. When you see the original you will see the layers and depth of colors that takes patience and anticipation for the moment when you know that it has finally gotten to the stage where I can say, this is it!!! George Inness is one of my favorites and he inspired these trees….

  3. Awesome painting!!! And I might want you to call me Tueaday morning at 8am if the painter is coming at 9!!

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