Rules are Rules

Our property came with several deed restrictions which we were very happy about. We have not had any problems abiding by all of them, including NO HOGS!  Fortunately this does not include miniature micro pot-bellied pigs that are guaranteed to stay under 10 pounds…..or was it 110???



  1. Did Bekah tell you I was a licensed Veterinary Technician for almost 12 years (I used to compete 3-Day Equestrian events when I was in college and spent a year in Europe back them grooming for a Danish 3-day event rider!!)…I love seeing all your “animals” (aka members of your clan!) 🙂 and hearing about all their antics!


    • No!!!!!! How great!!!!! I had no idea! I can’t wait to hear more!!! I tell Tom all the time how much I wish I had become a vet tech! I did a lot of jumping and competing with the riders who were training for the pentathlon when I was in high school. Our 30 year old mare that we lost recently was a great eventer! I miss her!

      • Yes!! lol Bekah used to ride a lot too when she was younger… She and I share a love of horses (and cats!) but alas…her step-dad has very severe asthma and can tolerate dogs but that’s about it..We had to find a home for the cat! Our current K-9 “monster” is “Ivy” the Bassett Hound… I’ll share a photo if I can ever with you all… My condolences on your loss of your horse… Our “country spread” is not as elaborate as yours but we do get our fair share of nature trekking across the fields and into our yard (a deer last evening…plenty of rabbits…a family of racoons lives in our drainage culvert! lol)…etc..etc.. I love your artwork of birds!! I love Birds!! Hummingbirds are my favorite – we have plenty of those about too!


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