Goldens Rule!!!!

About one year ago, I was running in my Mom’s neighborhood, and I just had to stop to say hi to a beautiful Golden Retriever. I learned that her name was Cindy and that she had a sister somewhere named Marsha. (think Brady Bunchand that’s where the cute names came from) her owner Suzanne was a super sweet person and I actually remembered her name instead of just the dog’s name, like I usually do. I literally ran into Cindy and Suzanne about a week ago….We all three remarked about the heat (panted and barked)  and today

The best of the Brady Bunch

I was thrilled to see them recognized in the San Antonio Express newspaper! So wonderful!!!   Click on the link to read Cindy’s story…..

A special honor for a special dog – San Antonio Express-News.


Mini Madness

My nieces, the Tincredibles…..I like to call them, because they are twins and incredible….came to visit last week.They made the day so much fun for everyone. Their adorable cousins came with them and could not have been any cuter.

Paige going for a test ride

First on the agenda was a trail ride! The girls picked out their saddles. They had a big choice, from saddle seat, hunt seat and various sized western saddles.

Big day for the little squirt

“Has Mini Mac ever had a saddle on?” Everyone wanted to know. I said not yet, but told them to stand back and prepare for a rodeo. I picked the smallest saddle that we have, but it still dwarfed him!

"My life will never be the same"

The little monster did not think that he could walk at first. He took a few hesitant steps and realized that it was not such a bad deal to join in the fun!


I was amazed. He must realize that the ponies that get most of the carrots are the ones who are wearing the saddles! He was as laid back as they come. He can get by with just being a pasture ornament, but he could not resist these precious girls! All five of them!

Say cheese! Or carrots!!!!