Goldens Rule!!!!

About one year ago, I was running in my Mom’s neighborhood, and I just had to stop to say hi to a beautiful Golden Retriever. I learned that her name was Cindy and that she had a sister somewhere named Marsha. (think Brady Bunchand that’s where the cute names came from) her owner Suzanne was a super sweet person and I actually remembered her name instead of just the dog’s name, like I usually do. I literally ran into Cindy and Suzanne about a week ago….We all three remarked about the heat (panted and barked)  and today

The best of the Brady Bunch

I was thrilled to see them recognized in the San Antonio Express newspaper! So wonderful!!!   Click on the link to read Cindy’s story…..

A special honor for a special dog – San Antonio Express-News.

Published by Dana Spring Parish

wife, mother, runner, artist, animal lover,photographer, art teacher

6 thoughts on “Goldens Rule!!!!

  1. That is an awesome story and photos!!! I don’t know if Bekah has told you all, but I am very involved in Troop Support here in central Ohio and one of my goals in the coming months is to get a Lab puppy and go through the certified animal assisted therapy course to be able to go to various hopsitals and work with injured vets and stress therapy due to TBI and PTSD issues… me and my dog…de-stressing the world!! lol Hope your summer is going well!

    1. That is wonderful! Very inspiring!!! I had no idea!!! I can not wait to hear all about it!
      I just started reading The Zookeeper’s Wife. I think you would like it.
      Mini Mac might do well as a therapy horse. Our dogs, especially Sky would not do too well with her sloppy kisses….
      This summer has been very interesting! Peyton has a surprise for you when he gets there! You will love it! (I hope so….)

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