Parting Shots

Leaving Door County was a bittersweet experience.

Dana, Bruce and Debby

Debby and Bruce bid us farewell, but they were also closing up this glimpse of paradise until the Spring.


Debby said that she always takes a final panoramic view before closing up the house for the winter…..The heartbreak came when Wellie cried when we pulled out of the drive way…..We are going to have a  wonderful year of  wedding planning and we are looking forward to surprising the newly weds with……the livestock of their choice for a wedding present!



  1. Love all these pictures too! I can’t wait to meet all your new family!

  2. Where are you ? Thanks for all your ‘likes’ – but I’m wondering
    where are your posts?! Hope all is well with you and yours….
    have a wonderful holiday!

    • My Sweet Deborah!
      All is well here! My internet at home has not let me post lately and when I am not at home, I am not near a computer! I hope to get back into the routine soon! I love reading your great posts!!!!

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