Walk in the Park


I have a great love of ducks, well all birds, really. I walked across the street yesterday to see if I could see some ducklings. Image

The tree ducks seem to do well with their babies.Image

Those little guys can climb like monkeys when they are first born….Image

I only saw a few Mallard ducklings. It started to rain, but I was having a great time…..Image

The Egrets have a tree at the park that they call home. They were beautiful to watch. I was ready to head home when I saw a little fledgling struggling to swim in the water below the tree. Image

He floundered around helplessly, and then dropped his little head down into the water and gave up. He was way to far down for me to reach. I was looking around for some branches to toss down to him when an angel carrying a net with a long pole appeared. No joke. In a flash, she bent down and scooped the little guy up.Image

I think he is in good hands……..






    • Thank you, I was not going to leave him there. Thank goodnss for the Egret Angel who came to his rescue!!!

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