Date Night

IMG_6072We had a visit to a familiar place to celebrate Tom’s birthday. The Bombay Bicycle Club in San Antonio is where Tom and I had our first date. IMG_6070The decor looks the same as I remember. Those were fun days. These are fun days. The only change is that we don’t hide things from each other for fun….we have enough trouble remembering where we left things…..

Tom and Sue

Tom and Sue



SprintPhoto_bnibjy-1It all started with Fast Freddie, a stuffed tortoise that my brother BV gave me. When Christopher was here the dashboard in our car was empty. I am aware that children can declare their parents crazy and have them locked up…..For now, to fill our long commute into town, we have detailed conversations with a pig,a cat, two raccoons, a tortoise and a two legged super dog. There is a live dog in the backseat, but she is usually sleeping.

In the Presence of Royalty

IMG_6015His Highness (the one in the photo whose head is the highest) is none other than King Tuneap from Floresville Peanut Festival 2000. Such a stellar year, it was. The gentleman to his left was a Duke in this prestigious event in Wilson County. On the far left of the photo is a Duke from the 2010 Peanut Festival. They were kind enough to pose with Tom and let me snap a photo, but requested that we not mention any names….

Fun Night

IMG_5817This is Tom and my sister Sue. I would have to bitch slap her for touching his face if she was not family. We adopted each other. She is the smartest, cutest, funniest person I have ever met. (Besides my original family)IMG_5825This is Sue with her three human children and husband. They have three doggie children that we love like our own…..There are many photos of those guys in past entries. Hopefully they will come to Aunt Dana’s house again soon, to be spoiled in the manner that they are used to when they are at home with Sue and Gene.

Home is Wherever I’m with You

IMG_5680Everyone should be so lucky to live in a place that feels like paradise. It was love at first sight when we found this place….IMG_5682 IMG_5639I never imagined living anywhere else. This is one of my favorite views of our house…..I know, it looks like a barn. That was the plan. IMG_5651IMG_5640This is the barn. The difference is that it is cleaner because there are no animals in there.IMG_5641Model horses are a lot less messy.IMG_5643Jack runningIMG_5383Some of our critters could give a flip about the view.IMG_5925This is why I never choose to eat lengua…..nunca jamas!!!!Sarita and JesseMostly just here for the treats!

Better Late……

IMG_5345I am catching up on some posts…..Not sure why it has taken so long….must have lost my head. Anyway, here are a few photos from our Halloween/GMa Birthday Party in October 2012IMG_5331We never know who will make an appearance at this annual event! It can be really scary at times!!!IMG_5330Lucky for us, the Tincredibles are always super heroes!IMG_5321They quickly subdued the unsubs even before other invited quests arrived.IMG_5346Two body guards were needed for added safety during this high profile event.IMG_5359Some photos are still being examined for evidence of paranormal activity and will be added at a later date…..IMG_5351