All That Glitters

I have had this image in my mind for a long time.

acrylic on Ampersand board

This morning I started reading about the technique called minimalism. It can apply to anything….furniture, landscaping, life in general. This is pretty much the opposite of my life style…I am more of a maximistic person. Yes, I just made up that word…..This applies to food, pets, paintbrushes and did I say food? Well, what I gleaned from my reading was that I should not think about what the painting says about me and it should stand on it’s own without the benefit of being a carbon copy of a famous artist. Not until it was finished did I realize that it does have a story within the brush strokes. It has layers of paint like years of memories. Starting at the top where it is calm, and ending up with a few wrinkles and creases towards the bottom…..There is glitter at the bottom that you can see if you look really close. Just my style. Just like the shiny happy people in my life…….


Escape To The Beach

This is my interpretation of the way the Pelicans must feel during a major hurricane. We love going to Rockport and Port Aransas and of-course I fall in love with all the birds.

watercolor painting

watercolor painting

Octopus Attacks Horse

“When was the last time you saw an octopus?” Tom laughed. It was just last week, on my plate, smothered in pico de gallo, I reminded him. “No I mean, a live one in the ocean” he laughed again. We were planning a trip to the coast and we were taking the horses along for our first ride on the beach. We needed to prepare them as much as possible for whatever they would encounter. They had seen plenty of sand and we had been swimming in the lake. We were not anticipating an open water swim, but it would be nice to cool off in the surf after a gallop along the beach. “We could take them to Sea World and let them swim with Shamu” now he was being silly. The best we could do was to construct our own little splash town and hope that they didn’t freak out when Shamu (me) appeared in a bathing suit.