Sleep More and Win

I read an article in Mens Health recently, that revealed a Stanford University study. “Treat sleep as a part of your training,” says lead study author, Cheri Mah, M.S.  Sleep studies have shown the more you sleep, the more you increase your speed, reflexes, and power in competition. College tennis players who aimed for 10 hours of sleep a night for 6 weeks saw a significant boost in their overall performance including an 8 percent improvement in sprinting. Sleep studies have shown advantages for runners and swimmers, as well as basketball, soccer and football players. Just 30 more minutes of sleep can improve your play. Set the alarm for later……

training for the Bucktown 5k

training for the Bucktown 5k

Christopher just ran a 5K race in Bucktown last Sunday in 22:04…..just think what he could have done with an extra few hours of sleep.


Swine Not?

Miss Piggy here….Dana  made the mistake of leaving her book in the barn and it has been  an inspiration to me. It is a bestseller written by the great singer/musician Jimmy Buffet. It is called “Swine Not?” It is about a little pig that looks a lot like me. Her owners move into a hotel in New York where she has lots of great adventures. She plays soccer (not for me) but she also discovers some great  food and fun. As long as Christopher is in Chicago, I think that should be my home for awhile. Wish me luck!Miss Piggy in BucktownIt actually makes me VERY uncomfortable standing under this sign. So far everyone has been very nice. I have my camera and laptop…..I will keep in touch.

Dream Green – Lollapalooza 2009

cityscape at LolaSurely the music is impressive, but another impressive factor I discovered is the concerted efforts by the producers of Lollapalooza to make the Festival as ecologically responsible as possible. All generators used throughout the park are run on a biodiesel mix, solar energy is used to power select site enhancements. High-efficiency lighting is used whenever possible. Beside every trash container were separate bins for cans and plastic which makes it simple for everyone to recycle.

City Scape

 flp flops 
Can Lollapalooza fans make a difference by learning to minimize their day to day carbon footprint? Why not?
2 blondesgreen booth med

  Green Street made it’s debut at the festival two years ago. Stations are set up by various nonprofit organizations with enlightening information booths. The Green Street Art Market has selected retailers specializing in green goods that meet Lolla’s tight eco-guidelines. green signgreen streetrecycled stuffI did my part in the Lolla Eco activities by purchasing a reusable wine bottle and also filled a few bags  to earn my Lolla Green Card. 
Santa Rita

This is Schlumpy, an 8 foot ball made up of plastic bags. He tours around the U S with the goal of collecting pledges to cut down on the number of plastic bags used by American shoppers. Throughout the festival grounds were Rock & Recycle Centers where fans were given plastic bags to fill with recyclable bottles,cans and cups.



Look MaHeavy burdens abound. We have a responsibility to our planets, our family and ourselves. Music allows us to escape from the real world for awhile. Bring your blanket and some comfortable shoes. Be sure to seek out the numerous shady spots. Lollapalooza is a three day marathon, pace yourself and the only thing you have to be responsible for is to listen and just let it be……

  RCP Lollapalooza
Buckingham Fountain

Flying The Friendly Skys

I think I flew in more airplanes this past week-end than I have in my whole life….whatever it takes to be with the ones you love! The best and worst flight of all was from Louisville to Chicago. The fun  part was being on the same flight as Tom & Christopher, also I had a complimentary glass of wine (the flight attendant  must have known I would need it) The worst part was the rough landing. Our overhead luggage was tossed around as much as our nerves. Then saying good bye to Tom as he continued on to San Antonio was super hard.Chicago recyclesWe were impressed with these bins at the Chicago airport. When will San Antonio catch up? How about Floresville?

Lola Logo

   I took some great photos of Christopher having a blast at Lollapalooza on Sunday. He was by far the most handsome one there.tall boy med I had fun helping out the fellow green people by collecting plastic and aluminum cans. They served Santa Rita wine in sports bottles!!!  We missed Delta Spirit and Depeche Mode, but some of my favorite bands that we heard were Sam Roberts,Ra Ra Riot, Portugal.The Man,The  Airborne Toxic Event and Passion Pit. I missed the Kaiser Chiefs, they were playing at the same time as another group.The Greencards were a Texas band and Robert Earl Keene is a fan.( He was there Saturday.) I got Peyton a Killers T-shirt and a Lollapalooza one also. The food was very reasonable and good. We had chicken salad sandwiches and spinache quiche. Christopher and I have a few blisters. I would suggest running shoes instead of flip flops.

  I am in the Four Points by Sheraton Hotel on Rush, just one street over from Michigan Ave. I thought I would have to go visit my laptop at the Apple store, but this is better.  Hasta luego…Leicalady

Wicker Park & Bucktown

Last week  was spent vicariously enjoying a great time  had by Chicago’s Golden Boy.  Christopher  moved from what I considered an amazing place on N. Michigan Ave. to an even more energetic  location for the 20 something crowd. Bucktown is already  sounding like a faster paced totally fun place to live. I’m just glad it’s him living there and not me because then I would have to feel very sorry for him  here….at home….slopping the hogs, like his Dad and I. 

  In between packing and moving, he sprinted over to Grant Park to run the Terrapin 5k race on Thursday night. I would have liked to just go there and eat the pizza, Cherry Garcia ice-cream  and listen to the Grateful Dead cover band at the after party. Can you believe the race packets had tie-dyed T-shirts and other stuff?  Read about  it and even see the results here. I checked it out……Chris Parish time:24:11. That is a 7:47 jet pace……homepageA great way to celebrate the move to N. Milwaukee Ave. was to enjoy  the Wicker Park Fest . Great music, food and an opportunity to meet the neighbors and be hip to the latest styles. Mullets really got it goin’ on!

wickerparkpony tail WP FestWP FestmulletsLots of  shiny happy people and ……on Sunday  a concert by  Back Yard Tire Fire.

To round out the week-end, there was a baby shower for friends Ross and Hailey. What better place to meet girls who want to settle down?

Run, RCP, RUN!!!!!!!



Shave and a Haircut two Bits!

I’m not sure what the haircuts cost, we bought some hair gel and setting spray, too, but Jennifer did a great job on Christopher’s hair, so we got an appointment for Peyton and Tom, too. If you are in the Chicago area and in need of a hair cut, you will love Jennifer’s Hair Studio located at 200 W Monroe. Call her at (312) 419-1900new style for tppJennifer's hair Studio

Chi Town

I am in Best Buy on Michigan Ave in Chicago, right outside the Westin hotel.Peyton is looking at video games and I am just playing with my new laptop! I love it! We had lunch with Christopher at this really great Italian Deli and he is taking a rest. He is off work for the day and will soon be getting ready for the rehearsal which is also right accross the street from the Westin. The wedding of Kevin and Jen will take place tomorrow at 5:00.

  I miss my dogs, cats, horses,goats, sheep,tortoise,ducks,pig, but not the scorpion that is smashed and flushed after hiding in my shoe to nail me on the toe.

Saints On A Plane

I felt comforted the whole time flying to Chicago, even with a landing in Dallas followed by another landing in Saint Louis.There was a precious little 4 year old girl singing behind me and a young man who reminded me of  Christopher  sitting beside me. We talked about our families and dogs. I saw a photo of a beagle puppy named Sadie Hawkins and I felt Daddy Bub’s presence the whole time.  The final descent to Chicago was sheer bliss. I can fly!!!!!!!!

almost there......

almost there......

City view

City view

I see Saint Reet's !!!!!

I see Saint Reet's !!!!!