Spring has Sprung

This photo was taken by Leicaman on our morning walk. An unusual view of Texas Bluebonnets, but I love it, probably because of that or maybe because like Daddy Bub….Leicaman loves carrying a camera with him where ever he goes….sometimes two or three. This morning he took photos of the moon…..yesterday it was something different….all while I was still sleeping. He is so lucky that we have dogs to wake him up to get these AWESOME SHOTS!!!!!

I love these colors.I was inspired to paint some trees. I said it was not finished. My teacher and best critic, Tom said “It’s finished” So I said…Good I’m ready to paint something else….Tom and I have been remarking about the gold green color of the Mesquite trees as they are just coming out……I had just the right color in my palette, so I sketched this little tree today for him….
Speaking of Spring…..I just want to say that my Mamacita who gave me my maiden name of Spring….is the most awesome chica that I have ever met and I am soooo proud of her for taking care of herself and staying healthy and strong!!!!! Te amo mucho!!!!!


Flashback Friday

My Mom was a Diva before they became commonplace. Her acting career quickly became world renowned. She was a black man once. One of her most daring roles was the Statue of Liberty on a float….. in a swimming pool….in January. Her earliest performance is listed in the Hall of Fame. Even though she only had one speaking scene in the play, it was those most important words that launched her into stardom. She unselfishly gave it all up to raise three children, but Hollywood will never forget her debut and those legendary words……

The inspiration for the Veggie Tales

The inspiration for the Veggie Tales


It’s no wonder that she hates salad to this day……