American Kestral Pan Pastel Painting

We see these Falcons hovering over our pastures and diving down at awesome speeds, doing flips and dives attacking their prey. They are flashy and beautiful and fun to watch. I am working on this pan pastel painting to add to a series of Falcon paintings that will be part of a fund raiser for Last Chance Forever a rescue operation for all birds of prey…To purchase this painting or any other paintings please click here: Thank-you!


Not By The Hairs On My Chinny Chin Chin


pastel painting with pan pastels

pastel painting with pan pastels

We got the best liddle ponies on the planet…How cool is it to walk outside and see these monsters begging for a carrot or two. No halters needed to lead them, just grab a long lock of mane or maybe whiskers in his guys case. Whatever,  jumping on a pony bareback in the pasture rocks….

This is a pastel painting completed with these cool pan pastels…They have a gallery that has posted several of my pastel paintings, which is cool because I have no clue what in the heck I am doing but they sent me a ton of cool stuff…..maybe $200.00 worth of supplies just for letting them put up my paintings.  I am having a blast.


 I painted this pastel based on three reference photos taken on the same day. That day we had a serious out of control wild fire. The horses and ponies were running around snorting and freaking out. I think mostly they sensed my fear as horses always are aware of. Their survival is based on their sense of smell and sight, but my guys know me and being as they are enclosed behind fences, they can only flee so far. They can tell by the way I walk across the pasture, if I am having a bad day (rare in this paradise) or if we are going for a long trail ride……I look happy carrying the saddle and bridle, but that doesn’t necessarily thrill them…..This day I was carrying my cell phone and calling 911 and the fire department….

I call this painting “Co-Madres”.

Flying Egret

“What in the world is she doing in there?” The horses are looking through the window into my studio wondering why their breakfast is late……it’s not that they NEED to be fed. It’s just comfort food to compliment their gourmet pasture salad that they were bred to thrive on. A carrot or two and a scoop of sweet feed is what keeps them spoiled…..So, in the meantime I’m trying to complete at least one pastel painting a day to get ready for an art show/benefit that we are planning for our friends at Last Chance Forever the birds of prey rescue and rehabilitation center in San Antonio……

Time to go rescue my starving horses………

Gata Salvaje

This is a painting created using pan pastels. They are great for getting detail  in clouds, and they sure beat using watercolor for the white fur. Their web-site gives details pertaining to their dealer locations as well as tips and advice for using them. They have added three of my pan pastel paintings to their on-line gallery.Co-Madres, Snowball and my Longhorns and Bluebonnets

They also sent me a huge array of their sponges and other applicators along with a set of new colors that I had not tried. I love them!



This is a portrait of our gata salvaje, Snowball, a wild thing who hitched a ride on a fast moving truck and wound up fat and sassy at the Rockin’ P.