Artists To Watch

Tom has always had an eye for composition and a natural concept of value and color harmony in his photography. Last summer he was inspired to try his hand at painting. He never seemed to struggle and if he had any questions, I was there to show him a few tips and techniques. I truly believe that he was born with the gift and the discipline to make his artwork something to appreciate!IMG_4612


My Star Pupil

IMG_7653How fun is it to be able to share your (in my case) many passions with someone that you love. Whether it is hopping on a pony to ride the fence line or creating amazing art, this blog will fill in the gaps and help me to share our new life after the Rockin’ P. Did not think I would survive the many changes, but miracles do happen and this gets better with every wrinkle and chipped nail. (haha)

Worth Seeing

It warms the soul on a cold day when you can walk into a place of business and feel genuinely welcome.  On a freezing day this month of February, I had the luxury to make a return visit to a wonderful art gallery in San Antonio,  The Greenhouse Gallery . Surely it has been close to a year since I have been able to enjoy this treat, but the owners remembered that I paint and that it had been a while. The gallery is celebrating 29 years.A champagne reception will be held on Friday Feb 11 followed by an open house  on Saturday Feb. 12, 2011.There is always breathtaking art by numerous artists . The web-site is first class and new artwork alerts are e-mailed frequently to subscribers. The link is  www.GREENHOUSEGALLERY.COM

John Deer and Jane Doe

We have not seen any deer for awhile now. We really loved seeing them. After a ray of sunshine yesterday, it’s kind of a cloudy day today. This is a pencil sketch of a Whitetail Buck that I am working on……Thanks to Leicaman for photographing my art and for the pre- game appetizers

Have a great Super Bowl Sunday!

Paint By Number



I must have a million brushes. Some are almost worn out, but I never throw ANYTHING away. You can look in my closet (if you are brave enough) and see my collection of never once worn items. Then there is my collection of pencils which include charcoal, graphite, mechanical, every shade of pastel and watercolor. My favorite is a Staedler super fine point. My collection of erasers is in a drawer by itself. Peyton is taking an art class this semester and I offered him his pick of these prize possessions. He declined my offer. He has one wooden pencil with an eraser that went through the washing machine.

credit goes to

credit goes to

I had to google” pencil” to get a photo of this relic. My son is a no frills artist……..What he has done so far with his pencil rivals Van Gogh, Pollock and Picasso…..I am SO bad about my stuff that I almost forgot what were the primary colors. I have every shade of any color that you could imagine and feel the need to duplicate each hue in acrylic,egg tempera, goache, watercolor, pencils (see above),  oil (hmmm…..expensive, but SO YUMMY)and maybe encaustic wax in the future. Am I inspired? Yes, but I still can’t throw ANYTHING away!

It will be fine until I get into life size sculptures of all our animals, then we may have a problem…..

How To Lose A Pig In Ten Days

Starring Will Feral…….


mud,mud,mud....I love mud

mud,mud,mud....I love mud

The plan was for us to be pig sitting for a few days, but it took longer for our friend Eddie and his family to build a pen substantial enough to secure this guy. “Bacon” became very comfortable in the barn and he had it all to himself. I turned it into a piggy paradise, making sure that he had all his favorite treats and plenty of mud. Filling up his buckets of slop and cleaning out his wading pool became a work out I guess you could call Piglates. When it came time for him to go home, I put his food, water and toys in the trailer, but I think because it was obvious how much I loved hanging out with him, he figured I really didn’t want him to go. Eddie, his dad and I tried for hours on Saturday, with no luck. We discovered that if sufficiently poked and provoked, a domesticated pig can revert to a ferocious feral hog in a matter of minutes. Finally on Sunday, Tom was able to lure him into the trailer using a trail of waffles. These were the same waffles that I had tried, except that when I said go I really meant NO and when Tom said GO he really meant GO!!!!!


I don’t know what he told her, maybe he just breathed in her ear, but whatever, I walked outside and Miss Piggy was sure having fun with Cactus Jack…I oughta write a book!!!  img_0370

Take a Walk on the Wild Side


Here we go....

Here we go....

The pasture was slim pickins’ this winter for two growing boys. We tried to keep them supplied with hay and cattle cubes, but as they were walking the fence-line, the temptation was too great not to go in search of greener pastures. Little did they know what they would encounter in a jungle of cactus and mesquite……Will they survive?

Spy Dog


Muffy the Spy Dog

Muffy the Spy Dog

Muffy only weighed about 4 pounds full grown. She was the size of a hamster when she was born.. She had diabetes as a puppy and had to come with us wherever we went…She would fit in my purse and keep quiet during basketball games or even in the grocery store…..

This was my first colored pencil sketch……