The Wedding

Christopher, Peyton and Tom

The day looked promising for a wonderful outdoor wedding.The wedding party was gorgeous…..The photographer said that Annie was the most beautiful bride she had ever seen.
No one minded the delay, as we waited out a thunderstormPeyton was happy to keep the girls companyA lttle rain could not dampen the radiance of the bride’s beautiful mother…..I was the only one who looked like a drowned rat!The father of the bride is quite a handsome man . You can see a lot of Annie in both of her parents. They are beautiful inside and out. I knew from the beginning that they would always take care of Christopher and he will always take care of them.Being a wedding photographer for many years, I know that there has never been a more perfect match than these two Leica lovers…..


The Kids

Annie, Christopher and Peyton

This was Thursday night. I love Annie in this hat that we found at Ruffled Feathers in Floresville.

pretty adorable.......

Tonight is our last night with Peyton. I am excited for him to be making his dreams come true. As much as we miss him, we would not change his mind, if we could……


He amazed us with his juggling skills and a big surprise was his graphic art talent!

what's on the easel

I have several paintings that I am working on and a wonderful Birds In Art book that I am saving for tomorrow!

Take a Little Trip

Packing for  life in a dorm is always challenging, I am sure. It was different in so many ways this time with Peyton. We drove with Christopher to SMU in Dallas and he had his own car by then. He could get whatever he needed without a problem. Tom and I packed extra food, even though there is an unlimited array of restaurants on campus at Ohio University. We left early….around 4 in the morning September 1st…it was dark. We made a last minute check of the suitcases before we zipped them up. Good thing we did….

no outfit is complete without dog hair.

The Spookster was trying to stow away with Peyton. She has been sleeping in his bed with him for a few weeks now. My luggage got lost on the way home. I was kind of wishing that I could have stayed just a day or two more and missed the transfer also.

good- bye, Columbus

No worries. The wings are cleared for take off…….

A Mother’s Day Poem

This was given to me today, May 9, 2010, by my almost 18 year old son.

The Lily Pad: a stepping stone: a brief respite from treacherous waters.

The Closed Bud: beautiful but not yet fulfilled: a hint of what’s yet to come.

The Carnation: incredible beauty that is not kept but instead given: the will to share.

To me you are a lily pad, always there to comfort me, a piece of love amongst the world.

I am your bud, you nurture me and care for me so that I may bloom.

To all you are the carnation; sharing your motherly love.

Happy Mother’s Day



Peyton’s Pets

Ain't I Cute

Check out those teeth, or tusks, I guess you call them. Glad he’s made of plastic, not only because of the cost of dental care, but also he looks like he might bite! Of-course he is not a pet, he is an action figure. I don’t even know his name. I asked Peyton what it is….”Is that going on your blog?” Yes, I said, but what is it’s name. He wouldn’t tell me, but I bet if you google GROTESQUE you might find it. I just wonder if I get to keep this cuddly guy when Peyton goes to college. Such a CutieI just dusted and rearranged the collection. It would be cool if someday they are worth as much as my collection beanie babies!!!!!

The Whole Gang

No Pets…….No Smoking……..

“I think you should buy a different kind of cat food because there is always vomit whenever I go upstairs” Peyton advised as we were in the pet food isle of the grocery store yesterday. I have been  meaning to warn him about that. It is especially yucky at night when you get in bed. I asked him what kind of dog he would like to own when he had his own place. “Well if I had to have a dog, it would be one that is the least amount of trouble.” he answered.He has video games where there are horses involved, but he has not been on a real live horse since he was about six. He always asks me if I need any help with the outside pets and is very sweet to all of the animals. He can sleep through a screeching parrot, a crowing rooster, horses whinnying and ear piercing barks from a Pomeranian. If he has a loud college room mate, it should be no problem. He will always have a home free of pet fur and and a life free of vet bills. My Mom always says that her three children don’t smoke because she always has and we should thank her……Thanks Mom and you are welcome, Peyton!

Guard Dogs

The Health care plan has no impact on our house so far. We have a round the clock medical staff guaranteed to heal what ails you. Peyton is home sick today and Nurse Sky watched over him until…….

don't worry Mom

Spooky thought she better give mouth to mouth ……

Spooky to the rescue

Get better soon, Peyton !!!!

A Place In Time

Rockin' P Ranch

When our two boys are here in this house, everything is surreal. I could sit and stare at them forever and never be less amazed at the intensity of love. Tom has modified this image to add high definition and saturation and a little bit of mystery to the effect……That’s the way it feels to be a proud mother. Every emotion is magnified a billion times. “You been drinkin'” Christopher laughs at my silliness. Yep, your smile is intoxicating and I am drinkin’ it in. With a face like that you don’t need money, honey…..

Limping Leicamom & Pop

OHHHHH, how  easy it is to take things for granted. Thursday morning, we all heard this loud “ARGGGG”. I bolted up the stairs and asked Tom what happened. “I stepped on a sticker and stubbed my toes, I think they are broken”he groaned. I know it was excruciating. Later Christopher said” You Guys, ha ha, one of you is always doing something, you have to wonder how long you can keep up with this place” While piling laundry into the washing machine, I banged my head on the cabinet, ouch and looked around to see if anyone noticed. Friday morning, we took Peyton to school and had a great run at the park in Floresville. I tried to sprint to keep up with Christopher and asked Tom if his foot was OK. “NOOOO!!!!” He admitted. He was keeping a good pace, though.blocked shot After our run, they played basketball at a nice little court in downtown peanutville and they both looked on one We picked Annie up at the S.A. airport late Friday night. Early Saturday morning we drove to La Vernia to take Peyton to his SAT test and drove back to fix breakfast and visit with Christopher and Annie. Before we left to pick up Peyton, I led some of the ponies to another pasture and rushed to jump into the truck where Tom was waiting. I tripped over the sidewalk and fell hard on my left knee. It’s a good thing we have a few canes around the house, so I borrowed one from the Rabbi and after getting home again from La Vernia, spent the rest of the day on the couch. I became absorbed in my stitchery until Bruno the parrot started screeching and all four dogs raced to the door. Tom looked out the window and said “Oh, NO, What are they doing out?” The Longhorns, Cactus Jack and Mesquite Joe were bucking and running towards the front gate. Daddy Tom Pop jumped into the truck and luckily they  followed him back into their pasture. Meanwhile, Grand Dana followed the advice of young Dr. Parish…..bedside mannersJust try not to kill yourself, OK?

He had great advice, even though I am still alive and kicking!