The Wedding

The day looked promising for a wonderful outdoor wedding.The wedding party was gorgeous…..The photographer said that Annie was the most beautiful bride she had ever seen. No one minded the delay, as we waited out a thunderstormPeyton was happy to keep the girls companyA lttle rain could not dampen the radiance of the bride’s beautifulContinue reading “The Wedding”

Take a Little Trip

Packing for  life in a dorm is always challenging, I am sure. It was different in so many ways this time with Peyton. We drove with Christopher to SMU in Dallas and he had his own car by then. He could get whatever he needed without a problem. Tom and I packed extra food, evenContinue reading “Take a Little Trip”

A Mother’s Day Poem

This was given to me today, May 9, 2010, by my almost 18 year old son. The Lily Pad: a stepping stone: a brief respite from treacherous waters. The Closed Bud: beautiful but not yet fulfilled: a hint of what’s yet to come. The Carnation: incredible beauty that is not kept but instead given: theContinue reading “A Mother’s Day Poem”

Guard Dogs

The Health care plan has no impact on our house so far. We have a round the clock medical staff guaranteed to heal what ails you. Peyton is home sick today and Nurse Sky watched over him until……. Spooky thought she better give mouth to mouth …… Get better soon, Peyton !!!!

A Place In Time

When our two boys are here in this house, everything is surreal. I could sit and stare at them forever and never be less amazed at the intensity of love. Tom has modified this image to add high definition and saturation and a little bit of mystery to the effect……That’s the way it feels toContinue reading “A Place In Time”

Limping Leicamom & Pop

OHHHHH, how  easy it is to take things for granted. Thursday morning, we all heard this loud “ARGGGG”. I bolted up the stairs and asked Tom what happened. “I stepped on a sticker and stubbed my toes, I think they are broken”he groaned. I know it was excruciating. Later Christopher said” You Guys, ha ha,Continue reading “Limping Leicamom & Pop”