Rules are Rules

Our property came with several deed restrictions which we were very happy about. We have not had any problems abiding by all of them, including NO HOGS!  Fortunately this does not include miniature micro pot-bellied pigs that are guaranteed to stay under 10 pounds…..or was it 110???


Dog and Pony Show

git along little doggy

The last time Princess Macaroni came out to the ranch, we gave her a hay ride in the wheel barrow. This time, she was a good sport being herded by Pony Boy…..

Hey Macaroni, that's my name too!

Mini Macaroni gave Princess Mac a little love bite. The ponies know just how much they can get away with without being shipped off to France on a platter.

not by the hair on my chinny chin chin

Mesquite Joe is not so worried about his fate. He was walking a thin line……Cactus Jack just follows along in his hoof prints.

I walk the line

My brother BV has a great shot of Mesquite Joe on flickr as well as many awesome subjects. Click here por favor and add them to your gallery.

Miss Piggy was not interested in being sociable. Bedtime is at 4pm no matter who comes to visit! “Next time, bring a pie or cookies, then we’ll talk” she might have said……

Happy Day!!!!!

Miss Piggy was up bright and early and starving with her usual healthy appetite. She had homemade pancakes, cranberry bread and some hog feed to balance it out.  A few oatmeal cookies for dessert…..She was cheerful and like a new pig after yesterday’s damp chilly weather really got her down. I remade her bed with fresh hay and fluffed her pillows before she settled down for a five hour nap.

hiting the hay

The sun is finally out after a week of foggy sloppy weather. She loves it and so do I! Swine not?

sweet dreams

Needle In A Haystack

Almost had to poke poor little Miss Piggy today. I talked to a couple of Veterinarians and some pot bellied pig breeders and thought that she might need a penicillin shot, just in case she had pneumonia or something. She was shivering and trying to make a warm bed out of wet leaves. She was being hassled by Francie, my 27 year old mare, as I tucked a waterproof blanket and down comforter around her. Francie wants to be the only one with a pretty blanket on and she was jealous. It got worse when Tom and I piled a bale of hay around poor Miss Piggy. Francie was teasing her and eating the hay while Bridgette the boar goat tried climbing on top of the hay bale/blanket pile with our Piggy squealing beneath the mountain. Both Francie and Bridgette are in time out in a fenced corral away from her while our piglet gets some much needed rest. Tomorrow is predicted to be warmer. Meanwhile the 18 gauge needle loaded with antibiotic is waiting…..These winters are going to get hard on our older barnyard buddies. Luckily we will have a spare bedroom soon. Hope our human guests don’t mind sleeping in the barn….or a bed of straw. LOLsnug love bug

We keep checking on her but so far she is as snug as a bug in a rug……Peace out.

The Breakfast Club

Their are five members and one guest member. Five canines and one feline. The rules are that they compete to wake up the chief cook and bottle washer starting at 4am. If that fails they attack the assistant staff member and beg for breakfast. They have already had snacks through the night because the feline club member has demanded breakfast in bed starting at the stroke of midnight. After a hearty meal they all go back to sleep until the next servant takes over the morning shift. The lunch bunch is pretty much the same….same faces same noise, just hungrier after barking at every leaf that blows……..The only one who is patient enough to wait til dawn is Miss Piggy.

Just wake me when lunch is ready, pretty please


Swine Not?

Miss Piggy here….Dana  made the mistake of leaving her book in the barn and it has been  an inspiration to me. It is a bestseller written by the great singer/musician Jimmy Buffet. It is called “Swine Not?” It is about a little pig that looks a lot like me. Her owners move into a hotel in New York where she has lots of great adventures. She plays soccer (not for me) but she also discovers some great  food and fun. As long as Christopher is in Chicago, I think that should be my home for awhile. Wish me luck!Miss Piggy in BucktownIt actually makes me VERY uncomfortable standing under this sign. So far everyone has been very nice. I have my camera and laptop…..I will keep in touch.

Parting Is Such Sweet Sorrow


I promise I will bring plenty of cookies!!!!!

I promise I will bring plenty of cookies!!!!!

Any one who has pets knows how difficult it is to be away from them. I had a panic attack before we left the last time, imagining all sorts of afflictions that they would suffer, not to mention the possible trauma they would inflict upon their caretakers. The four dogs were in heaven at their grandmother’s house running in and out of the house and barking non stop for five days. The goats, sheep,tortoise, ducks, cats, horses and Miss Piggy were in great hands here at home with Tiffany our priceless vet tech house sitter. I think they just might be a tad bit spoiled, though, I don’t know how this happened, but I didn’t want to burden Tiff with their usual feeding schedule.  A typical morning starts off with either waffles,pancakes,bagels with cream cheese  or all three for Miss Piggy and the sheep and goats. The horses get their sweet feed and manage to drop a few crumbs on the ground for the ducks and Miss Piggy. The cats get fed every time I walk out the door and I always put a few handfuls out for  Miss Piggy. By then it’s time for peanut butter and jelly sandwiches that Miss Piggy shares with whoever wants them, followed by carrots for all the critters. So you can understand why I wouldn’t expect anyone to stick to this routine when I am gone and this is just the morning ritual, dinner time gets complicated. I realized how much they  missed me the first time we left for a week. I went out for a morning run our first day back and looked behind me to see all four goats/sheep jogging along behind me. A few paces back, Miss Piggy was doing her pot bellied best to keep up. I figured they would stop at the gate, but they stuck with me for over a mile. I decided to turn around and take them home. Later in the day, I planned to take just a quick trip into town, but my efforts were useless when a herd of ponies surrounded my  truck. Every way I turned they were there herding me back towards the feed room. Was I paranoid or was it  a conspiracy to keep them  from missing a meal.  I was a little leery  when we returned from our trip to Chicago in June. This was the longest time that we had left them in quite a while, what were they going to do this time? As I learned last time….they have ways to make us stay! I jumped into the truck and promised them that I was only going to the feed store, possibly the bakery and then I would be right back. Thinking they were convinced I started to drive away, Bridgett was smirking at me from beside the barn, the horses were grazing and trying to look nonchalant. What is up? I thought. I soon discovered why when I realized my left rear tire was flatter than the pancakes that Miss Piggy had for breakfast…..I didn’t need to see dental records to identify the perfect underbite marks that pierced the rubber…….

Felice Cumpleaños

Daddy Bub would be 95 on his birthday today. At 93 and 9 months, he was too young to leave us, but we know that he knows that today we are celebrating the wonderful times we had with him. Anyone who met him would not be able to forget him…….I think it just might be starting to rain!!!!!! What a great way to celebrate! Let’s have our cake and eat it, too!!!!

I'll take the first piece

I'll take the first piece

America’s Next Top Model


This Is Reality Baby

This Is Reality Baby

In this economy it is not enough to just have a beautiful face and figure. You have to be able to multitask…..for instance, Miss Piggy has been forced into plowing the back forty in order to feed the less endowed creatures that happen to dwell here. She  has had numerous requests for her modeling skills, but until the money comes rolling in, she is  happy to supplement our income with this manual labor. She also cooks and cleans, but I guarantee that her calendar will bring in enough funds to feed this overwhelming household  throughout  the next drought…..