Mini Madness

My nieces, the Tincredibles…..I like to call them, because they are twins and incredible….came to visit last week.They made the day so much fun for everyone. Their adorable cousins came with them and could not have been any cuter.

Paige going for a test ride

First on the agenda was a trail ride! The girls picked out their saddles. They had a big choice, from saddle seat, hunt seat and various sized western saddles.

Big day for the little squirt

“Has Mini Mac ever had a saddle on?” Everyone wanted to know. I said not yet, but told them to stand back and prepare for a rodeo. I picked the smallest saddle that we have, but it still dwarfed him!

"My life will never be the same"

The little monster did not think that he could walk at first. He took a few hesitant steps and realized that it was not such a bad deal to join in the fun!


I was amazed. He must realize that the ponies that get most of the carrots are the ones who are wearing the saddles! He was as laid back as they come. He can get by with just being a pasture ornament, but he could not resist these precious girls! All five of them!

Say cheese! Or carrots!!!!


Want to hear something REALLY Scary?

Our niece Ashley has her house in San Antonio on the market and is busy with the packing and cleaning that goes along with that.She has three children and is trying to keep everything perfect for potential buyers.We thought it would be fun for her daughters Anna (10) and Avery (8) to spend Saturday night with us. We groomed the ponies and rode them down to the tank while Tom grilled shish -ke -bobs. After dinner we roasted smores. It was pitch black except for the glow of the fire and our spotlight. Tom had some ghost stories that he had ready to entertain us with. We had talked about it earlier. They were deemed suitable for 5 to 8 year olds. One of the stories was about a little girl who is camping out by a lake and gets snatched by the “Rain Thing”. I asked Peyton what he thought. “They will wet their pants!” He said. I asked their Mom if she thought it was a good idea…..She didn’t think she wanted to drive 40 miles in the middle of the night to come pick them up. The next morning I asked Anna and Avery if they would have been freaked out listening to ghost stories last night. No way! They both said. Being that it was the light of day, we put on the CD and gave it a try. They loved it. They listened while they worked on paintings in the studio. After about 5 replays, Avery told us a great rendition of Little Red Riding Hood with sound effects and I was enthralled. It was better than any of the recorded twangy voiced stories. That girl has talent. Thanks Uncle Tom for getting the inspiring CD …..great idea! We are ready to step up to the Texas Horror tales, like Fang Baby and Children of the Tracks!

Last Night and the Night Before

I could not wait to get home Friday night. Tom and I had a cook out planned and we wanted to get started before sunset. I thought we might just walk down to the tank and sit on a blanket and eat a salad, but I should have known better. I saddled up Pony Boy and he was my couch for the evening, while the Gourmet Chef grilled bell peppers, zucchini, carrots and onions to compliment our jalapeño and cheddar cheese burgers. Pony Boy munched on hay and was content to hang out with us. We had a radio, but it was more fun to listen to the Cara Caras (Mexican eagles) and the Owls as it got later. Last night was even more fun and Tom had the whole day to plan our feast.We had corn on the cob, roasted on the fire, green beans on another grill, chicken and sausage on the 3rd one.

Spooky's first pony ride

Noche and Okie stayed home (their choice)and I was a little bit worried about bringing Spooky. I thought we might lose her when it got dark, but she stayed near us all night. She even went for a ride on Pony Boy. Sky was really good, too. She did a little exploring, but never wandered off to far.

Every day opens up new possibilities for fun that only could be realized by living out here with the solitude, open land and abundant wildlife. Just recently we have been excited to see several deer on our property for the first time ever. Last week, I started putting out corn so that they will appear on a predictable basis.There is a big buck and at least four doe in his harem. I can’t wait to see little Bambis in May. If I feed them enough, maybe they will hang out here more often and try some of Tom’s roasted corn on the cob! We took lots of photos that are posted here. Check out Just Saying to see some of the ranch recipes.

Riding the Trails

On Monday morning Anna and I had a perfect plan to celebrate a day off from school. We woke up early, fed all the animals


and saddled our ponies.

Doing the best I can with this woolly mammoth!

We packed a lunch with carrots for the ponies, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for us and we were ready to go. You can see Hailey, my filly that will be three years old in the background. She really wants to go with us.

Anna and Pony Boy

Good pony

Don’t fence me in, they both seemed to say, so we headed down the trail to the field where we had seen several deer the night before. We put out some corn so that the deer would have a reason to come back often. We have not seen too many around here so it is always a treat when we do see them. It was fun to explore all the little trails that different animals had made. A cute little cottontail bunny ran out from under a cactus. Anna said she had seen a jack rabbit before, so this was her second siting. Her sister Avery has a bunny that thinks she is  a dog, very cute, but I don’t think it would last long out here…..just saying.

Gran-Aunt-Dana’s Diary

Gran-niece Anna spent the night Sunday night. We started off as soon as we got to the ranch in  the art studio painting a beautiful work of art. A Bay horse. Then we packed a snack and drinks, saddled up Bailey and Pony Boy and headed down to the tank for some conversation and checking out a secret spot that would be our future camp-site. (Sorry, no pictures, it’s a secret after all)We found a great location and set up our perfect little table from some nearby branches. We tied the ponies to a tree with their halters and they munched on the snack of carrots that we brought them while we had our juicy juice and animal crackers. Anna brought her sketch book with a little butterfly charm which Bailey tried to eat.We gave him a cracker and packed up our viddles. We  got back on the ponies to try to track down some deer. We saw plenty of tracks!

We rode back to the barn before sunset.

view from the tank

Anna got the ponies some hay and water, while I unsaddled them and put them in their stalls. Anna created two more masterpieces, a donkey and goat before we had a great dinner of ribs, corn, salad and bread cooked by Uncle Tom.
We watched horse movies til 10. and fell asleep dreaming of tomorrow’s adventure……..


Here he is……the most amazing Welsh Mountain Dream Pony in the universe…Yes, a new breed. Why Not? Welsh Mountain Dream Pony Registry! I found him and his family on the internet. I had actually seen this stud muffin cleaning up the ribbons at several horse shows, but I picked my foal and brought him home without doubting whether or not he would be an incredible addition to our family. The sire is” Liddle Duke Of Hazzard” The stamp he puts on his foals is unmistakable. Everything from the puppy dog personality to the crazy sexy face is all Duke!

Ranch Cooking

After a big day riding, we played with the goats and made sure all the critters were safe and tucked in for the night. Not until then did we realize what a terrific appetite we had worked up. No body goes hungry around here. Quite a spread was waiting for us in the ranch house! While we were playing Cowboys and Indians, Tom was cooking up one of his famous recipes……After dinner we roasted marshmallows and told tales by the camp fire. No spooky stories, PLEASE!!!!!

Riding The Range

What a blessing to have such wonderful well behaved ponies and such precious children to enjoy them with. Do you ever have to pinch yourself to see if you are really living the dream you always prayed for? Life is good when you have these smiling happy faces to reflect hope for the future. All thoughts of the worries of the world disappear with the clip clop of little hooves and the laughter of little angels….

All The Pretty Pony Tails

While the girls were busy grooming and learning how to french braid the horses manes and tails, Miss Piggy was enjoying a mud facial and taking a nap. She would need her beauty sleep to get ready for the big night ahead. After dinner, she was looking forward to roasting marshmallows and watching movies all night long!!!!! We love summer!!!!!