Post Cards from Paris

Little Leicalady

Better than postcards! We received daily snippets of the honeymoon via e-mail.My days have been filled with anticipation of what beautiful images we would be able to enjoy.The creativity combined with the too pretty to believe bride and groom is just amazing to me!I was on the same page as the newlyweds…..I did not want it to end!I am not sure how many cameras, including camera phones were taken on the trip.

I know there were at least two Leicas….one of them a film camera. And a Polaroid….I have never been to Paris, but I would not trade that experience for the pleasure of having this vicarious adventure. The whole experience, from the adorable face that I saw when our son was born, until I saw the adoring look that he has for Annie, is just a life fulfilling dream for a Mom.I know that their love of photography will be shared forever.I love you, Little Annie Leicalady



The Wedding

Christopher, Peyton and Tom

The day looked promising for a wonderful outdoor wedding.The wedding party was gorgeous…..The photographer said that Annie was the most beautiful bride she had ever seen.
No one minded the delay, as we waited out a thunderstormPeyton was happy to keep the girls companyA lttle rain could not dampen the radiance of the bride’s beautiful mother…..I was the only one who looked like a drowned rat!The father of the bride is quite a handsome man . You can see a lot of Annie in both of her parents. They are beautiful inside and out. I knew from the beginning that they would always take care of Christopher and he will always take care of them.Being a wedding photographer for many years, I know that there has never been a more perfect match than these two Leica lovers…..

The Kids

Annie, Christopher and Peyton

This was Thursday night. I love Annie in this hat that we found at Ruffled Feathers in Floresville.

pretty adorable.......

Tonight is our last night with Peyton. I am excited for him to be making his dreams come true. As much as we miss him, we would not change his mind, if we could……


He amazed us with his juggling skills and a big surprise was his graphic art talent!

what's on the easel

I have several paintings that I am working on and a wonderful Birds In Art book that I am saving for tomorrow!

Go fish

This week-end will remain one of my most precious memories. One of the things that I always consider in good times and in bad is that I should never forget to appreciate and cherish the people that I love. When you miss someone the ache is almost unbearable at times. When you love someone so much that it hurts, there are no words to express the bittersweet intensity of life’s treasures. This week-end brought Tom, Christopher, Annie and I together for a wonderful week-end at the beach. It was supposed to rain. We bought cards. It was sunny and beautiful. We loved having Sky, our biggest baby with us. I still can’t believe that we have her.


Moye could given her a home like heaven, just like she has for all her other dogs, but she knew that Sky would love being at the ranch herding the sheep and goats and just being a ranch dog. It doesn’t matter where you are and whether there are storms or sunshine when you know that someone loves you, that’s all you need. Deep in my heart is the prayer that the people who are coping with transitions and losses will be lifted up. Daddy Bub would have loved all the cameras clicking this week-end!


Music in the Air

It’s hard to get motivated to run without music, if my iPod battery dies, so do I….at least as far as my running goes. Even painting is more fun with background music. It has to be fresh, though, and different. Get inspired! Click here and you will soon be moving and grooving…..I promise! also has a jukebox that is updated frequently.

Cicada Summer

I love the name of this band from Georgia that I just listened to. Their music is great and I can just picture myself sitting on the front porch listening to their album, with the cicadas singing in the background. This band is lead by Maxwell Dale Creagh Roll and Speros Constantine Kokenes with percussion contributions to fill out the rhythm sections by Jeff Harrison. An upcoming interview can be read on the music and photography web-site Harmon Drive, so be sure to bookmark this site and check back often. Right now you can access free downloads of Cicada Summer’s album and other music you may not discover on any other site at least before the rest of the really hip and cool people like me… clicking here. Hope you love it. Support Harmon Drive by telling a friend. Enjoy!

A Place In Time

Rockin' P Ranch

When our two boys are here in this house, everything is surreal. I could sit and stare at them forever and never be less amazed at the intensity of love. Tom has modified this image to add high definition and saturation and a little bit of mystery to the effect……That’s the way it feels to be a proud mother. Every emotion is magnified a billion times. “You been drinkin'” Christopher laughs at my silliness. Yep, your smile is intoxicating and I am drinkin’ it in. With a face like that you don’t need money, honey…..

Limping Leicamom & Pop

OHHHHH, how  easy it is to take things for granted. Thursday morning, we all heard this loud “ARGGGG”. I bolted up the stairs and asked Tom what happened. “I stepped on a sticker and stubbed my toes, I think they are broken”he groaned. I know it was excruciating. Later Christopher said” You Guys, ha ha, one of you is always doing something, you have to wonder how long you can keep up with this place” While piling laundry into the washing machine, I banged my head on the cabinet, ouch and looked around to see if anyone noticed. Friday morning, we took Peyton to school and had a great run at the park in Floresville. I tried to sprint to keep up with Christopher and asked Tom if his foot was OK. “NOOOO!!!!” He admitted. He was keeping a good pace, though.blocked shot After our run, they played basketball at a nice little court in downtown peanutville and they both looked on one We picked Annie up at the S.A. airport late Friday night. Early Saturday morning we drove to La Vernia to take Peyton to his SAT test and drove back to fix breakfast and visit with Christopher and Annie. Before we left to pick up Peyton, I led some of the ponies to another pasture and rushed to jump into the truck where Tom was waiting. I tripped over the sidewalk and fell hard on my left knee. It’s a good thing we have a few canes around the house, so I borrowed one from the Rabbi and after getting home again from La Vernia, spent the rest of the day on the couch. I became absorbed in my stitchery until Bruno the parrot started screeching and all four dogs raced to the door. Tom looked out the window and said “Oh, NO, What are they doing out?” The Longhorns, Cactus Jack and Mesquite Joe were bucking and running towards the front gate. Daddy Tom Pop jumped into the truck and luckily they  followed him back into their pasture. Meanwhile, Grand Dana followed the advice of young Dr. Parish…..bedside mannersJust try not to kill yourself, OK?

He had great advice, even though I am still alive and kicking!