Flying The Friendly Skys

I think I flew in more airplanes this past week-end than I have in my whole life….whatever it takes to be with the ones you love! The best and worst flight of all was from Louisville to Chicago. The fun  part was being on the same flight as Tom & Christopher, also I had a complimentaryContinue reading “Flying The Friendly Skys”

Wicker Park & Bucktown

Last week  was spent vicariously enjoying a great time  had by Chicago’s Golden Boy.  Christopher  moved from what I considered an amazing place on N. Michigan Ave. to an even more energetic  location for the 20 something crowd. Bucktown is already  sounding like a faster paced totally fun place to live. I’m just glad it’sContinue reading “Wicker Park & Bucktown”

Psychodelic Summer

My Chemical Romance, Linkin Park, Placebo, Saosin…..all these bands and more were there. I walked onto the field in front of the stage and plopped down on my $35.00 seat on the grass, while I kept an eye on the kid in front of me that brought me to this event. The lyrics were interestingContinue reading “Psychodelic Summer”