Sleep More and Win

I read an article in Mens Health recently, that revealed a Stanford University study. “Treat sleep as a part of your training,” says lead study author, Cheri Mah, M.S.  Sleep studies have shown the more you sleep, the more you increase your speed, reflexes, and power in competition. College tennis players who aimed for 10Continue reading “Sleep More and Win”

What I Read About When I Read About Running

I always thought that having to exercise daily and battle the bulge was a curse, but I am reading a great book that has given me these cool little insights that will stay with me and encourage me and I just want to share this info that should be obvious, but never was to me.Continue reading “What I Read About When I Read About Running”

Wicker Park & Bucktown

Last week  was spent vicariously enjoying a great time  had by Chicago’s Golden Boy.  Christopher  moved from what I considered an amazing place on N. Michigan Ave. to an even more energetic  location for the 20 something crowd. Bucktown is already  sounding like a faster paced totally fun place to live. I’m just glad it’sContinue reading “Wicker Park & Bucktown”

The Adventures of Cactus Jack & Mesquite Joe

Part One of a series….  Party hats, clowns  and streamers announced the arrival of these two precocious “Gifts” that came to celebrate Tom’s birthday on January 11, 2009. Everyone was excited to meet the new critters. The more mouths to feed means the more trips into the feed room for me and they all knowContinue reading “The Adventures of Cactus Jack & Mesquite Joe”