Artists To Watch

Tom has always had an eye for composition and a natural concept of value and color harmony in his photography. Last summer he was inspired to try his hand at painting. He never seemed to struggle and if he had any questions, I was there to show him a few tips and techniques. I truly believe that he was born with the gift and the discipline to make his artwork something to appreciate!IMG_4612


Filetes De Mojarra Borracho Y Ceviche De Pulpo

After our fun day at the Houston Street Fair last Saturday, I was saddle sore and Tom was whatever you call bare back sore. After the bullpen adventure Tom wanted to tear into a big beefy steak, but I thought of Bingo, my Longhorn buddy and I was thinking more about enchiladas.  We agreed on a Mexican Seafood Restaurant we love called “Siete Mares”. We had tried just about everything on the menu and wanted to try something different. Our favorite waitress, Elia was there. She said “I think you guys should try the Filetes De Mojarra Borracho ” The translation was Drunken Sheepshead Filets. Sounds yummy, but I couldn’t eat that or Cabrito either. Tom laughed and said that sheepshead was a type of fish. Too late, the image was already in my cabeza. “Let’s try the Ceviche de Pulpo”. I knew what that was, but I thought I will pick around the tentacles and gorge on the chips, salsa and avocado. After two weak margaritas, Tom tried to talk me into taking a bite of pulpo. “Aguafiestas” he laughed, which in this case meant party pooper. I smothered it in pico de gallo and swallowed a spongy tentacle. I was already thinking of what awful thing I would make him eat when I had the chance! I knew the perfect payback… my cooking!!!!!!  The things we do for love…..