The title of this post should be…..Things Can Always Be Worse, but Leicaman has used that one before. We are trying to find a home for two rowdy rambunctious Barbado male sheep. Two days ago, I was ready to find them a home in someone’s freezer with a side dish thrown in. They are so cute when they are first born. That does not last long. When they have the chance, they chase our poor goat, Bridgette until we come to her rescue. They are unmistakenly male and that becomes apparent at an early age. Fortunately a sheep can not mate with a goat, so we have been limited to the pair of rams who appear to be coyote proof.

About two years ago, a perfect pair of miniature goats showed up, male and female. Tom still does not believe me that they just appeared out of nowhere…..The dogs had fun herding them all over the yard and onto the bar be que pit where they thought they belonged. Bark, run, bark, run, bark, bark, bark. You get the picture…….

This morning in the early light, I saw a blur through the window of something chasing something. I would have gladly missed this common event, if not for the deafening barking of five dogs. It looked like  Flaca, our perro callejero (stray dog) was herding one of the rams that are always finding a way out of their pasture. Sky soon joined Flaca in the game, but I could see both rams behind the fence……..Too small for a pony……their target was just what we don’t need!A Barbado ewe that appears to be just about breeding age. Let’s see….gestation period is about five months for lambs. No, Tom this is not April Fool’s….this is reality baby.


Lamb Chops

Keep in mind that I cautiously edit these posts about animals in case some little child or someone like me is liable to be traumatized about some of the naturally occurring incidents that happen on a farm. It would take a lifetime just to record the bizarre creatures that have just appeared out of nowhere. An Emu……two miniature goats, the donkey lady…..two chickens…..a chupacabra…….a Daldamnation. “Just tell me, I won’t be mad. Where did they com from?” Pleaded my patient and adorable Tom. I have no clue about some of them. I guess they recognize paradise when they see it!


This little lamb is so  tiny and feminine and has the cutest pink nose!

Peyton and Pinky

Peyton and Pinky





Her brother is bigger and  has has a black nose and so it is easy to spot them from far away.

Saturday Night Social Club

Let’s Go!!!! Mamacita had been so excited the day we took her to meet her mate. Probably because her food was in the back seat, but anyway we had no problem getting her into her little pen and loading her up for an air-conditioned limo ride to her luna miel. Miss Piggy ran after us. “Where are you going with all that sweet feed?” “I want to go, too!” She squealed. It is hard being an only pig. Maybe we could find her a boyfriend, too. Did I say that out loud? Guess so. Tom gave me the look……one pig was enough. If you look closely at the photo, you can see that she is badly in need of a pedicure and so far no one was willing to give it a try.

The first several weeks, we were able to talk to Mrs. Ladrona. She told us that she was not sure if Mamacita was bred or not. During our last conversation she told us that  her billy goat, Peligro was shy and they were still getting to know each other. How sweet, I  thought. That was a month ago and she was not returning my calls. I used to see her in the grocery store and the post office. We would see her in church. “Let’s drive by her house and see if we can catch her at home” Tom suggested. The gate had been open the day that we dropped Mamacita off but this time there was a lock and chain. I didn’t see anyone around and didn’t think we should trespass so we left.  We decided to stop by the Gossip N Go on our way home and talk to Jolie known locally as La Prensa and see if she could tell us anything about Mrs. Ladrona. We learned that her caretaker, Soy Matadero had left and she was in the middle of building a cement pond all by herself. Her church and Garden Club activities were also keeping her busy. She was in charge of the Covered Dish Social at the church hall held every Saturday night. We decided that this would be our  best opportunity to get an up date on our little chivasita.

Lost In Translation

Be a good kid. It will only be a few weeks.


We are gonna miss you. You would think Bridgette and Lucky  would never see little Mamacita again. We were sending her off to be bred. It seemed like a good idea at the time. We should have seen the signs.

We loaded her up and drove the short distance to Mrs. Ladrona’s ranch. She introduced us to her beefy caretaker Soy Matadero. “We will call you soon” they chorused. As we drove away we were both thinking how hard it is when even one little critter is away from home. Neither of us noticed the faded sign as we left the property…….”Carnicero”

No More Babies !

Just one more baby goat….and that’s it. “We just HAD two babies born two days ago” Tom said patiently. But they are sheep, not goats. We have not had a baby goat born in what seems like forever…..I agreed that it was time for a Vet call to get all the neutering over with.

In fact, now that I thought about it, I would call the vet right now. I needed to ask him how much it would cost to de-scent a family of four!!!

Filetes De Mojarra Borracho Y Ceviche De Pulpo

After our fun day at the Houston Street Fair last Saturday, I was saddle sore and Tom was whatever you call bare back sore. After the bullpen adventure Tom wanted to tear into a big beefy steak, but I thought of Bingo, my Longhorn buddy and I was thinking more about enchiladas.  We agreed on a Mexican Seafood Restaurant we love called “Siete Mares”. We had tried just about everything on the menu and wanted to try something different. Our favorite waitress, Elia was there. She said “I think you guys should try the Filetes De Mojarra Borracho ” The translation was Drunken Sheepshead Filets. Sounds yummy, but I couldn’t eat that or Cabrito either. Tom laughed and said that sheepshead was a type of fish. Too late, the image was already in my cabeza. “Let’s try the Ceviche de Pulpo”. I knew what that was, but I thought I will pick around the tentacles and gorge on the chips, salsa and avocado. After two weak margaritas, Tom tried to talk me into taking a bite of pulpo. “Aguafiestas” he laughed, which in this case meant party pooper. I smothered it in pico de gallo and swallowed a spongy tentacle. I was already thinking of what awful thing I would make him eat when I had the chance! I knew the perfect payback… my cooking!!!!!!  The things we do for love…..

It’s A Girl!!!………….and a Boy!!!










Mom’s got lots of milk and she is resting while Sky keeps an eye on the babies. The rest of the sheep have already come over to say hi and welcome them to the ranch. Not sure what we will name them….maybe Tina and Deano, or Tony and Dena…..


Too late to call 911. Too late for a vet to get here in time.What we needed was the “Tincredibles” soon to be syndicated by Marvel. Our twin paramedics can handle anything. But even this dynamic duo  might not be able to get here in time, so Peyton had to try to put to use his medical training of the last few days. When we drove up to the ranch, the horses and ponies were freaking out. Always a clue that something is up. Even chubby little Mini Mac was snorting and running with the herd. Usually it’s just something harmless like an Emu or a Buffalo  that they have spotted for the first time. This time it was a tiny hoof……Libby our sheep that looks like a geep (goat/sheep)was giving birth to her first lamb and it looked like she might be in trouble….

Fortunately, nature took it’s course without human intervention and we had a healthy bouncing baby lamb!!!!!!