Lamb Chops

Keep in mind that I cautiously edit these posts about animals in case some little child or someone like me is liable to be traumatized about some of the naturally occurring incidents that happen on a farm. It would take a lifetime just to record the bizarre creatures that have just appeared out of nowhere.Continue reading “Lamb Chops”

Saturday Night Social Club

Let’s Go!!!! Mamacita had been so excited the day we took her to meet her mate. Probably because her food was in the back seat, but anyway we had no problem getting her into her little pen and loading her up for an air-conditioned limo ride to her luna miel. Miss Piggy ran after us.Continue reading “Saturday Night Social Club”

No More Babies !

Just one more baby goat….and that’s it. “We just HAD two babies born two days ago” Tom said patiently. But they are sheep, not goats. We have not had a baby goat born in what seems like forever…..I agreed that it was time for a Vet call to get all the neutering over with. InContinue reading “No More Babies !”

Filetes De Mojarra Borracho Y Ceviche De Pulpo

After our fun day at the Houston Street Fair last Saturday, I was saddle sore and Tom was whatever you call bare back sore. After the bullpen adventure Tom wanted to tear into a big beefy steak, but I thought of Bingo, my Longhorn buddy and I was thinking more about enchiladas.  We agreed onContinue reading “Filetes De Mojarra Borracho Y Ceviche De Pulpo”

It’s A Girl!!!………….and a Boy!!!

                  Mom’s got lots of milk and she is resting while Sky keeps an eye on the babies. The rest of the sheep have already come over to say hi and welcome them to the ranch. Not sure what we will name them….maybe Tina and Deano, orContinue reading “It’s A Girl!!!………….and a Boy!!!”


Too late to call 911. Too late for a vet to get here in time.What we needed was the “Tincredibles” soon to be syndicated by Marvel. Our twin paramedics can handle anything. But even this dynamic duo  might not be able to get here in time, so Peyton had to try to put to useContinue reading “Tincredibles”