49Th Annual Greek Funstival

Last year’s event at St. Sophia’s Greek Orthodox Church was so much fun, we could not wait to go back this year. The children were just as precious and we recognized some of them. I talked to one of the older boys and he told me that they practice every Sunday. You can tell.It wasContinue reading “49Th Annual Greek Funstival”

Week-end Fun

Yesterday, (the last Saturday in September) was the last Houston Street Fair in downtown San Antonio. “Lead the way” Moye said and I gladly made a beeline for the booth called Karm Leon. Claudia and Sandra were actually hand sewing some of their amazing cuff bracelets. That made it even more special knowing that weContinue reading “Week-end Fun”

Renegade Handmade

Etsy is just too much fun and I can thank MY ETSY for all the fun and letting me know what I missed!!!!! In Chicago recently Renegade Handmade had a craft show and I think I will have to be there next year. In the meantime I am following them on their blog, on twitterContinue reading “Renegade Handmade”

Goodwill Hunting

The last two week-ends we have gone thrift store shopping. We started out in Southtown in down town San Antonio and last week-end had good luck at the Texas Thrift Store. Peyton found these sunglasses. There was no price tag. “That will be ninety six” the cashier informed me. Dollars or cents, I wondered. Well,Continue reading “Goodwill Hunting”

My Kind Of Town

We walked just about everywhere that we wanted to go. The weather in Chicago was especially nice over the week-end before Saint Patrick’s Day. Lots of the same stores that we have in San Antonio, but bigger, like Borders,Barnes & Noble and the Target on Roosevelt is two stories…. HUGE. We bought a broom andContinue reading “My Kind Of Town”