My Star Pupil

IMG_7653How fun is it to be able to share your (in my case) many passions with someone that you love. Whether it is hopping on a pony to ride the fence line or creating amazing art, this blog will fill in the gaps and help me to share our new life after the Rockin’ P. Did not think I would survive the many changes, but miracles do happen and this gets better with every wrinkle and chipped nail. (haha)


Nothing but Blues Skies

Cactus Jack

Our two Longhorns found an open gate and went to visit the neighbors large herd of welcoming cows. As much as we wanted them back, we were not sure how to separate them from their friends without a stampede. Weekday mornings do not allow enough time to do any cattle rustling, but luckily they happened to be hanging out by themselves along our fence line last Saturday morning. Tom opened the gate and led them back to their pasture while their 100 plus friends were wailing and telling them not to leave…..I think the boys are glad to be back. Welcoming treats of carrots and cattle cubes helped a lot! I just finished two new paintings to celebrate their safe return. I have them on my Etsy web site . Click on to see all of the Longhorns

Lean On Me

Our niece, Anna asked me to do a painting of a Barn Owl for her room in her new house. I became inspired to grant her wish when I read Wesley The Owl by Stacey O”Brien. This is a book that I will always own and cherish. I gave my first copy to Annie and I will buy another to keep. It is that good. My husband Tom should really appreciate the fact that after reading about how heavenly, yet horrific it can be to raise an owl, I am not going to adopt one anytime soon. A friend just generously offered to allow me to help raise an orphaned Screech owl. Isn’t there enough screeching in this house already? Another well meaning friend has recently reminded me how much I would love an Alpaca. This is so tempting but after last week, I think I will wait til next year’s new crop. If an owlet appears on my doorstep, I think I might be in heaven, though. Just sayin’

The Adventures of Cactus Jack & Mesquite Joe

Part One of a series….

 Party hats, clowns  and streamers announced the arrival of these two precocious “Gifts” that came to celebrate Tom’s birthday on January 11, 2009. Everyone was excited to meet the new critters. The more mouths to feed means the more trips into the feed room for me and they all know that I cannot resist the meows, barks,quacks,oinks,moos,baas, nickers and neighs… EVERYBODY gets fed several times a day  so that nobody has hurt feelings or an empty tummy. It may sound like a hassle, but actually last week-end Tom and I had a fun time tracking down these two studly steers. We were on our way out to go for a training run for an upcoming 5K race and decided to feed the menagerie first….. Usually it would be here a moo, there a moo everywhere a moo moo, but the absence of this greeting was noted with alarm and then we realized that our two blonde bombshells were not begging at the fence line as usual…. .Our run was put on hold while we loaded our pockets with cattle cubes and grabbed our cell phones heading off in separate directions to track down our renegade steers….. This story will attempt to share all of the many possible adventures that they encountered during their traipse  across 1,000 acres of South Texas ranch land. Just to give you a preview of what they may have encountered, first there is a beautiful herd of Beef Master cattle along the way, a herd of Longhorn heifers just a fence-line away and last but not least…..lush green grass on the other side of the fence.

The grass is ALWAYS greener......

The grass is ALWAYS greener......

San Antonio’s Finest


oil painting on canvas

oil painting on canvas

A visit to San Antonio would not be complete without a dinner at Rosario’s restaurant. I have just been commissioned to paint a series of San Antonio’s finest attractions and Rosario’s is first on my list. We recently sampled their new menu and were as usual, impressed with the food,ambiance, service, everything. It is a family tradition with us and should be with everyone….

I took my sketch book with me and found a great view from the intersection of Alamo & South Presa for a plein air painting……