Dog and Pony Show

git along little doggy

The last time Princess Macaroni came out to the ranch, we gave her a hay ride in the wheel barrow. This time, she was a good sport being herded by Pony Boy…..

Hey Macaroni, that's my name too!

Mini Macaroni gave Princess Mac a little love bite. The ponies know just how much they can get away with without being shipped off to France on a platter.

not by the hair on my chinny chin chin

Mesquite Joe is not so worried about his fate. He was walking a thin line……Cactus Jack just follows along in his hoof prints.

I walk the line

My brother BV has a great shot of Mesquite Joe on flickr as well as many awesome subjects. Click here por favor and add them to your gallery.

Miss Piggy was not interested in being sociable. Bedtime is at 4pm no matter who comes to visit! “Next time, bring a pie or cookies, then we’ll talk” she might have said……


Dog Days of Winter

not sure we want to go......

Tina, Dena, BV, the princess, Macaroni and the Labs, Bear and Lil Yellow came out yesterday for a fun photo shoot. It was overcast and a little chilly, but we warmed up fast.

Lil yeller has second thoughts....

Getting through the gate where the ponies are was a little intimidating.

good bye cruel world....

It took a little while to get over the problem of sticker burrs and piles of fresh manure. Good rolling stuff!

follow me, kids

We took the long way around the field to the tank. Yeller had already had a confrontation with Mesquite Joe and we were not anxious to repeat the trama.

Carry me, Mama!

The princess, Mac had not been here since she was a baby. She is STILL a baby!

I like the view from here, Mac says.

Mac’s little legs got tired and she needed a break.

Ahhhh. This is the life!

By the time we reached the tank, Mac was ready to play

this is what you need to do

A little bossy sometimes…..

Let me tell you a little secret

Mac decided the splashing looked like too much fun!We all documented their every move.

If only I had a Canon

BV took some great macro shots that are posted on flick

We all had to protect our cameras from the splash zone.Yeller could do this all dayBear got tired of being dunked under waterAfter swallowing the brackish water and eating a little horse poop, he took a break to eat some grass

tummy not feel so good

It was all and all, a great adventure and they slept like babies all the way home. We can’t wait to do it again!

Easter Blessings

Hope Easter was as great for you as it was for us! The Easter egg hunt was fun for all, especially Macaroni and Patch

Silly Macaroni

Silly Macaroni


I love being the boss!

I love being the boss!

The girls loved being the center of attention and had a great barking contest. I’m not sure who won….


taking a break

taking a break

Mac took a few minutes to rest before racing around looking for candy


We tried to get them to settle down, but they weren’t listening!




Caitlin got a haircut. I love it!


Peyton got a haircut, too, by Hannah his girlfriend….


I found one!

I found one!

Shana found a pretty sparkly egg and Taylor found an icky one from last year!




Meanwhile, the girls were still going wild! They must have eaten some deviled eggs! They were good!!!!! So was the cheese tortellini the salmon stuffed with crab,the shrimp salad and  the fillets wrapped in bacon. Sharon grilled veggies in olive oil, we will have to have them again, they were perfect. 


making a wish.....

making a wish.....

Tracy made his famous pound cake for Shana’s birthday