Limping Leicamom & Pop

OHHHHH, how  easy it is to take things for granted. Thursday morning, we all heard this loud “ARGGGG”. I bolted up the stairs and asked Tom what happened. “I stepped on a sticker and stubbed my toes, I think they are broken”he groaned. I know it was excruciating. Later Christopher said” You Guys, ha ha, one of you is always doing something, you have to wonder how long you can keep up with this place” While piling laundry into the washing machine, I banged my head on the cabinet, ouch and looked around to see if anyone noticed. Friday morning, we took Peyton to school and had a great run at the park in Floresville. I tried to sprint to keep up with Christopher and asked Tom if his foot was OK. “NOOOO!!!!” He admitted. He was keeping a good pace, though.blocked shot After our run, they played basketball at a nice little court in downtown peanutville and they both looked on one We picked Annie up at the S.A. airport late Friday night. Early Saturday morning we drove to La Vernia to take Peyton to his SAT test and drove back to fix breakfast and visit with Christopher and Annie. Before we left to pick up Peyton, I led some of the ponies to another pasture and rushed to jump into the truck where Tom was waiting. I tripped over the sidewalk and fell hard on my left knee. It’s a good thing we have a few canes around the house, so I borrowed one from the Rabbi and after getting home again from La Vernia, spent the rest of the day on the couch. I became absorbed in my stitchery until Bruno the parrot started screeching and all four dogs raced to the door. Tom looked out the window and said “Oh, NO, What are they doing out?” The Longhorns, Cactus Jack and Mesquite Joe were bucking and running towards the front gate. Daddy Tom Pop jumped into the truck and luckily they  followed him back into their pasture. Meanwhile, Grand Dana followed the advice of young Dr. Parish…..bedside mannersJust try not to kill yourself, OK?

He had great advice, even though I am still alive and kicking!


Senior Moments

These moments are flying by so fast, it is hard to tell which ones are the most significant. All milestones send me into a spiral and my thoughts run rampant like an accelerator is being pressed to the floor, but the brakes are not functioning. Tom and I are seniors. and lest we forget, our mailbox is a constant reminder by the unsolicited junk mail that gets shredded for our parrot’s cage.   We get e-mails and coupons for motorized wheelchairs and state of the art hearing aids and solicitations for life insurance policies. Adding to the challenge of this territory we have a high school senior behind the wheel.   In the Chicago magazine recently, I read some interesting facts about the early development stage of an adolescent’s brain,  the part where you gain a sense of impulse control, thinking ahead and avoidance of risky situations. Apparently there is a biological reason that causes teens to act the way they do and it involves more than just a decision to rebel or  impress their peers. If you read the article THE YOUNG BRAIN it will give insights into the behavioral aspects of teens when they are in the presence of friends. We are blessed and fortunately we have an incredible family including nieces and nephews that we are so proud of. They know how much we love them ALL and we do not have favorites…. Any one who knows me well would be surprised to know that I have become interested in adolescent neurobiology. If you think about it though and especially if you really know my quirkiness, this is not surprising at all. Every facet of our children’s life has introduced us to things we would never have ventured into if they did not introduce us to so many new and fulfilling aspects of life. When Christopher was in basketball we were on a first name basis with all the Spurs players. We never missed a game whether RCP was sidelined with an injury or because the coach was an A-hole….we were there supporting the team. Now Peyton is preparing to go into the medical field with a love of biology. We will support him all the way….besides I can really see some parallels between adolescence and senility……