Bunny and Poppies

bunny and poppies med.Here is the finished painting……..What do you think?


Little Bunny

bunny sketchI love bunnies!!!! The cottontails and jackrabbits run around the fields and are so much fun to see, but I worry about all the predators that they face. I just started this sketch of a bunny with pencils, ink and pastels. I may add some flowers before I frame it and hang it safely on my wall to enjoy forever in my home….

You’re Nobunny ‘Til Somebunny Loves You

A giant rabbit danced with me at our wedding. (Actually a man in a bunny suit) Bunnies had always been a cuddly pet of mine, while we lived in the city. Living on a ranch for the last 12 years, I had almost given up on having anything as a pet that slightly resembles Coyote food. We thought our chickens were safe until one night we were surprised to see a team of possums and raccoons probing their paws through the tiny openings of their cage. We since have secured our aviary, so when my cousin asked me to adopt his not too cuddly bunny, I at least thought he would be safe. You could not catch him, much less cuddle with him, but we kept him well fed and safe. He had a huge 12 x 12 foot home that Tom had built for our menagerie of ducks that were now free flying around the ranch. Our bunny was happy and content until one day, I forgot to close the door of his “house”. We looked everywhere, calling him, not that he would come if he heard us. He was wild and I thought that it was hopeless, although we walked around the barn for hours calling “Binky” until it was almost dark. I went into the house, trying not to think about how scared our little bunny must be out on his own for the first time in his short little life. Then I realized I hadn’t seen our Golden Retriever, Sunny, since I had first started looking for Binky. Great, I thought, maybe they both took off on an incredible journey…or more likely, Sunny had found her and was tossing her up into the air like she has done with numerous critters that she loves to “play” with, including gophers, squirrels and once, even a ring tailed cat. So now, I was calling Sunny and worrying about her. She was hardly ever away from my side so this was really beginning to worry me.

oil painting on canvas

oil painting on canvas

Peyton and I were getting ready to find Sunny when we looked out the window to see her sitting at the gate to the barn.. It was too far away to tell, but it looked like a lifeless form was beside her. I breathed a deep sigh as I walked out the door with a small box to bury Sunny’s latest chew toy. She sat there proudly as usual next to her prize, but this time our Golden girl had something to really be proud about. Binky was very much alive and content to sit beside her search and rescue dog. She was completely unharmed and for the first time let me pick her up. The look in Sunny’s eyes told it all.