Mini Madness

My nieces, the Tincredibles…..I like to call them, because they are twins and incredible….came to visit last week.They made the day so much fun for everyone. Their adorable cousins came with them and could not have been any cuter.

Paige going for a test ride

First on the agenda was a trail ride! The girls picked out their saddles. They had a big choice, from saddle seat, hunt seat and various sized western saddles.

Big day for the little squirt

“Has Mini Mac ever had a saddle on?” Everyone wanted to know. I said not yet, but told them to stand back and prepare for a rodeo. I picked the smallest saddle that we have, but it still dwarfed him!

"My life will never be the same"

The little monster did not think that he could walk at first. He took a few hesitant steps and realized that it was not such a bad deal to join in the fun!


I was amazed. He must realize that the ponies that get most of the carrots are the ones who are wearing the saddles! He was as laid back as they come. He can get by with just being a pasture ornament, but he could not resist these precious girls! All five of them!

Say cheese! Or carrots!!!!


Reference Photos

It was around 1:00 this afternoon and I told Tom that I would like to shoot some quick photos of our Longhorns, Jack and Joe for a painting that I started. “The lighting is not too great right now” he said. I told him that I had not seen them since early this morning, in fact I had not seen the three ponies that are in the pasture with them, either. Tom was gone for a while and came back with interesting news, not particularly good news…..”The gate to Tip’s property is open….they are gone!”We were still in our running clothes, but did not take the time to change. My first thought was that I might get some actual helpful shots for this painting……

progress of cattle painting

My second thought was that I probably would not have time to paint today…..


The problem was that our little mish mash herdlet had joined a rowdy bunch of bovines and they outnumbered us by quite a bit.

the cow whisperer

If it was up to me, I would have just turned around, said good bye to our livestock and started a new painting of a bird or a kitten……

gotta keep'em separated

My cowboy, sans the rhinestones would have none of that!

what is going on?

Carrots and cattle cubes are excellent bribes….the problem is that we did not want to cause a stampede of over eager eaters.

rear view mirror

I was tempted to play some good old country music on the radio in the truck for inspiration, but I needed to hear directions from Tom as I churned through the sand…..

move 'em up

“Close the gate!!!!!”

let's hear it for the boys

The ponies were very interested in seeing what treats I had in the truck.

lead pony

Pony Boy and Sunny know the routine of getting rewards for bad behavior.

Ain't no sunshine when you're gone.

Well, we missed out on so much today while we were tracking down the wayward pasture ornaments….I was planning on ironing and mending some socks….but in spite of it all, they are so cute when they are bad!!!!

follow me home


The title of this post should be…..Things Can Always Be Worse, but Leicaman has used that one before. We are trying to find a home for two rowdy rambunctious Barbado male sheep. Two days ago, I was ready to find them a home in someone’s freezer with a side dish thrown in. They are so cute when they are first born. That does not last long. When they have the chance, they chase our poor goat, Bridgette until we come to her rescue. They are unmistakenly male and that becomes apparent at an early age. Fortunately a sheep can not mate with a goat, so we have been limited to the pair of rams who appear to be coyote proof.

About two years ago, a perfect pair of miniature goats showed up, male and female. Tom still does not believe me that they just appeared out of nowhere…..The dogs had fun herding them all over the yard and onto the bar be que pit where they thought they belonged. Bark, run, bark, run, bark, bark, bark. You get the picture…….

This morning in the early light, I saw a blur through the window of something chasing something. I would have gladly missed this common event, if not for the deafening barking of five dogs. It looked like  Flaca, our perro callejero (stray dog) was herding one of the rams that are always finding a way out of their pasture. Sky soon joined Flaca in the game, but I could see both rams behind the fence……..Too small for a pony……their target was just what we don’t need!A Barbado ewe that appears to be just about breeding age. Let’s see….gestation period is about five months for lambs. No, Tom this is not April Fool’s….this is reality baby.

Lamb Chops

Keep in mind that I cautiously edit these posts about animals in case some little child or someone like me is liable to be traumatized about some of the naturally occurring incidents that happen on a farm. It would take a lifetime just to record the bizarre creatures that have just appeared out of nowhere. An Emu……two miniature goats, the donkey lady…..two chickens…..a chupacabra…….a Daldamnation. “Just tell me, I won’t be mad. Where did they com from?” Pleaded my patient and adorable Tom. I have no clue about some of them. I guess they recognize paradise when they see it!

Needle In A Haystack

Almost had to poke poor little Miss Piggy today. I talked to a couple of Veterinarians and some pot bellied pig breeders and thought that she might need a penicillin shot, just in case she had pneumonia or something. She was shivering and trying to make a warm bed out of wet leaves. She was being hassled by Francie, my 27 year old mare, as I tucked a waterproof blanket and down comforter around her. Francie wants to be the only one with a pretty blanket on and she was jealous. It got worse when Tom and I piled a bale of hay around poor Miss Piggy. Francie was teasing her and eating the hay while Bridgette the boar goat tried climbing on top of the hay bale/blanket pile with our Piggy squealing beneath the mountain. Both Francie and Bridgette are in time out in a fenced corral away from her while our piglet gets some much needed rest. Tomorrow is predicted to be warmer. Meanwhile the 18 gauge needle loaded with antibiotic is waiting…..These winters are going to get hard on our older barnyard buddies. Luckily we will have a spare bedroom soon. Hope our human guests don’t mind sleeping in the barn….or a bed of straw. LOLsnug love bug

We keep checking on her but so far she is as snug as a bug in a rug……Peace out.

Back In The Saddle

Mourning is officially over, for everyone except Pony Boy. He usually just carts around little children and gets rewarded with buckets of carrots and sweet feed, but he was a good sport today. He even put up with lots of hugs and kisses.

nothing like that pony/puppy smell

nothing like that pony/puppy smell

His bridle was dusty and needed a little polishmy bridleI needed to walk over to the mounting block to climb on my 12 hand steed.

Double wide

Double wide

I thought it would be fun to round up the Longhorns, but changed my mind…..

git along little doggies

git along little doggies

After 14 years of smiling for the camera, our little pony has it down pat.

Smile for the camera!

Smile for the camera!

Fast Eddie the super tortoise wanted to join us on our trail ride.

Wanna come?

Wanna come?

We rode the fence-line and the weather could not have been more perfect.

Flower power

Flower power

Miss Piggy was content to hear all about it when we got back to the barn.

what did I miss?????

what did I miss?????

Everybody got extra treats to celebrate the awesome day……once again I feel like I am living the dream.

Parting Is Such Sweet Sorrow


I promise I will bring plenty of cookies!!!!!

I promise I will bring plenty of cookies!!!!!

Any one who has pets knows how difficult it is to be away from them. I had a panic attack before we left the last time, imagining all sorts of afflictions that they would suffer, not to mention the possible trauma they would inflict upon their caretakers. The four dogs were in heaven at their grandmother’s house running in and out of the house and barking non stop for five days. The goats, sheep,tortoise, ducks, cats, horses and Miss Piggy were in great hands here at home with Tiffany our priceless vet tech house sitter. I think they just might be a tad bit spoiled, though, I don’t know how this happened, but I didn’t want to burden Tiff with their usual feeding schedule.  A typical morning starts off with either waffles,pancakes,bagels with cream cheese  or all three for Miss Piggy and the sheep and goats. The horses get their sweet feed and manage to drop a few crumbs on the ground for the ducks and Miss Piggy. The cats get fed every time I walk out the door and I always put a few handfuls out for  Miss Piggy. By then it’s time for peanut butter and jelly sandwiches that Miss Piggy shares with whoever wants them, followed by carrots for all the critters. So you can understand why I wouldn’t expect anyone to stick to this routine when I am gone and this is just the morning ritual, dinner time gets complicated. I realized how much they  missed me the first time we left for a week. I went out for a morning run our first day back and looked behind me to see all four goats/sheep jogging along behind me. A few paces back, Miss Piggy was doing her pot bellied best to keep up. I figured they would stop at the gate, but they stuck with me for over a mile. I decided to turn around and take them home. Later in the day, I planned to take just a quick trip into town, but my efforts were useless when a herd of ponies surrounded my  truck. Every way I turned they were there herding me back towards the feed room. Was I paranoid or was it  a conspiracy to keep them  from missing a meal.  I was a little leery  when we returned from our trip to Chicago in June. This was the longest time that we had left them in quite a while, what were they going to do this time? As I learned last time….they have ways to make us stay! I jumped into the truck and promised them that I was only going to the feed store, possibly the bakery and then I would be right back. Thinking they were convinced I started to drive away, Bridgett was smirking at me from beside the barn, the horses were grazing and trying to look nonchalant. What is up? I thought. I soon discovered why when I realized my left rear tire was flatter than the pancakes that Miss Piggy had for breakfast…..I didn’t need to see dental records to identify the perfect underbite marks that pierced the rubber…….

Welcome to the Ranch

Well, the best way to welcome a stranger is by serving up a home cooked meal, but it’s too hot to cook and I suck as a cook anywayPB&Jbut you can’t go wrong with a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and some cold french fries. This is one of Miss Piggy’s favorites, so we thought it would be a hit with our week-end guest, Baconcito.

smilley sandwichHe definitely loved it! 

big boy baconHe kind of reminds me of a chubby Labrador Retriever. We actually have a deed restriction that excludes pigs from the neighborhood, but he is a Lab….that’s my story and I’m stickin’ to it.

he loves it 

Velvet and Sunrise

Velvet and Sunrise

Velvet and Sunny have been racing around the barn like they’ve never seen a pig, I mean dog before. I’m sure they will be great friends in no time. After all they only have “a few days” to get to know each other!

strutting my stuffBeing that he is such a handsome dude and Miss Piggy is such a cute puppy herself….I have a feeling that if they do have the good fortune to meet, this is what they are gonna see!!!!


Happy 4th of July 2009!!!!!

Happy 4th of July 2009!!!!!

Let’s celebrate our butts off, America!!!!!!!   Today is a blessed and awesome day ! Happy 4th of July 2009

Mr. Piggy

Miss Piggy always wanted a friend, even a bucket or ball or any object that was her shape would hold her interest until it sadly rolled away. I’m sure she has forgotten that she is a pig. I was just making her yummy pancakes this morning when Eddie, one of Peyton’s best friends called. “It’s Eddie” Peyton said. “He wants to bring bacon over. They are on their way” How sweet, I thought, but why would he be bringing us breakfast. ” Remember, Mom, “Bacon” the pig that he asked you to keep “for a few days” until they can build a pen?” Oh, right. I went to feed Miss Piggy, there was nothing I could say to prepare her for this, but I needed to tell Tom and I wondered how many times he had heard the  line “just for a few days”. A little while later Eddie and his dad drove up pulling a short little trailer with an adorable squealing, large hog ready to bust through the sides. “Well we agreed to take this pig, but Eddie was expecting a cute little Babe or Wilbur” his dad confided. We opened the trailer not knowing if he would bolt for the hills, but he walked right into the barn and as they say in those sappy love stories………..right into my heart. Now after a welcoming treat of carrots and cream cheese coffee cake, I think that he loves me, too. If the name Bacon has any literal meaning, he will be staying here until pigs fly and I know just where to hide him if they start planning a luau.Bacon 2bacon

Feeling down? Talk to the Clown

Yeah, it happens to the jolliest of us all.  Even living in paradise on earth, sometimes you just need to go somewhere quiet and be alone. I was trying to escape  the other day and hide out for a few minutes, just to absorb all the ups and downs of the last few weeks, without upsetting the dogs and Miss Piggy.  So I blinked back a few tears and walked over to  the barn to be in a crappy mood for a while. As usual our resident clown saw me coming and was prepared to uplift my mood and make me forget anything but his silly self. Here he was herding our 80 pound tortoise across the pasture

Move along little doggie

Move along little doggie

When the farrier came later in the day to trim hooves, he felt obligated to hand him his tools and accidently dropped a heavy metal object on his foot. When I had securely locked a filly into her stall, he managed to set her free to run around playing hard to catch for the next 30 minutes. I swear it must be a conspiracy to make me happy!!!!! I LOVE you RUSS!!!!!!